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Eid Three Day Weekend Detailed Analysis - BoxOfficeDetail

This Eid has recorded massive three day Eid business which is little over 14cr approx.. Last year had seen over 14.5cr approx from all films but this year had seen increment in number of screen which meant capacity had increased over last Eid.. Top two grossers are local film who have combined collected 10.6cr approx which is less than Sultan alone last year..

On the positive side English releases has contributed record numbers for any Eid ever.. Last year Eid had seen under 2cr approx gross from English films but this year it has gone around 3.5cr approx which is extremely impressive.

Even though this Eid couldn't reach it's capacity but still is much better than Expected as all films exceeded expectations attached to them.. Below is three days business of all films being screened over three days of Eid with name of distributor in the brackets.

Yalghaar (Eveready).. 6.35cr
Mehrunisa V Lub U (Urdu 1 Pictures/Eveready).. 4.25cr

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Na Maloom Afraad 2: The sequel we’ve been waiting for

In the process of the slow rebirth of Pakistani cinema, 2014 was a year when the audience and the industry didn’t expect the arrival of new stars that would take the cinemas by storm. Nabeel Qureshi’s Na Maloom Afraad became a sleeper hit and solidified Fahad Mustafa as a film star in his cinematic debut. Three years later and the team is set to follow up on the success with a sequel, Na Maloom Afraad 2.

After last year’s smash hit Actor in Law, Qureshi is once again playing his ace and bringing the familiar characters back on screen. From the trailer, launched on June 21, Na Maloom Afraad 2 is bigger and better than the first. With 80% of the film shot in Cape Town, the caper film revolves around Mohsin Abbas Haider, Javed Sheikh and Mustafa’s characters involved in a heist of a Sultan’s gold toilet.
“The industry has grown in the last three years and we also have experience of making two films now. Now that we have given the audience two hits, people are expecting more from us. Therefore, the sequel has to be bigger than that,” Qureshi told The Express Tribune.“What the entire story revolves around is also quite funny and interesting. It has a bigger budget and has a better quality overall.”
Producer Fizza Ali Meerza revealed they keep trying to bring in better equipment to improve the cinematic experience for the audience as well. “The idea is to make a product which always brings an incremental value for the audience, such as the cast, locations, production value and the technicalities which facilitate that.”
She also praised Mustafa for being a thorough professional. “Managing all that he does at this pace is a lot of work. He’s running a production house, doing his regular TV show, and working in films and yet maintaining a work ethic with every team. It’s just amazing. He’s a brilliant actor, and always does his homework.”
The director talked about how there was no film made about strikes and protests in the city before Na Maloom Afraad and the film medium being more socially aware. Qureshi said he doesn’t consciously try to make socially aware films but it just happens automatically. “Whatever experiences we go through here automatically reflect in our films.”
Concurring with him, Meerza added, “Being Pakistanis, we all have a little heartburn inside. We try to cover it but it continues to burn. Sometimes you say it, talk to yourself and others but to extinguish it, you have to raise awareness. And through films, you have to sugarcoat and wrap your message in an entertaining way because the audience wants to be entertained, not lectured.”
Qureshi, being a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, shared how the Pulp Fiction director has influenced his work too. “He has this bizarre ability to inject humour in very serious situations without compromising the intensity of the scene. And he also uses a lot of pop culture references. I believe I do that as well. You will see a ton of Pakistani pop culture references in our films, including Na Maloom Afraad 2.”
Talking about surprises in NMA 2, the director mentioned veteran TV actor Marina Khan, who will be making her film debut, and a theatre actor from National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa), Nazarul Hasan. He shared Sadaf Kanwal will be featured in a dance number in the film too.
As to why the audience should go to watch NMA 2, Meerza said, “It’s because those who have watched the first part will get value addition, seeing the same actors doing so much more and grow in chemistry. And the ones who haven’t watched Na Maloom Afraad will not feel that they haven’t. Despite its connection to the previous one, NMA 2 acts as a standalone film too.”

Javed Sheikh is ready to rock in ‘Teefa in Trouble’

One of the most anticipated movies of the year just keeps on getting better, with Ali Zafar playing the lead, paired opposite Maya Ali and now, Javed Sheikh joins in too!
The well-seasoned actor accepted the role on demand of Ahsan Rahim when being narrated the script. He liked the story along with his character. “I consider Ahsan Rahim a good director and I think the story and my role are great so that’s why I chose this film,” Javed added.
On being part of the cast, Javed Sheikh said that he was at ease because he had already worked with Maya for a commercial. Although working with Ali is a first. “I have done one spell in Lahore with them and it was fine, it was good and we will be starting our second spell in Poland soon,” he said about his work experience so far.
“It’s not something new to be shooting abroad. I’ve done above 50 films abroad so it’s nothing novel. The scenario and canvas seen abroad has a lot of beauty and this enhances the look of the movie so I think Ahsan will be able to capture that well due to the splendor of Poland," Javed exclaimed.
While talking about his role in the Teefa In Trouble, Javed Sheikh said that he will be playing Maya Ali’s father.
“I will be playing Maya’s father and I have a friend, whose son will be played by Ali Zafar, while residing in an ‘androon-shehr’. The film revolves around the idea of culture exchange, moving to Poland and all the adventures that come with it,” he concludes.

The 'Na Maloom Afraad 2' trailer is out and it has us wanting more!

Actor In Law was a great leap ahead for Pakistani cinema, especially if one compares it to the dynamic duo, director, Nabeel Qureshi and producer, Fizza Ali Meera's first cinematic outing, Na Maloom Afraad. All said and done, the two have only matured as filmmakers and they prove that with Na Maloom Afraad's sequel that released amidst much glory and anticipation in Karachi where the trailer launch took place earlier today.
Here, have a look at the trailer:

In terms of production and visuals, the trailer is nothing but stunning. The film that's been shot in Cape Town, South Africa and from what we can make out of the trailer is that Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh return as Farhan, Moon and Shakeel respectively, however, they are now in a new metropolitan city. Apparently, the three travel overseas, but land into deep trouble (yet again) as Sheikh of some Arab country who's visiting Cape Town loses his "golden commode."
Now while the film may sound a tad bit (read a lot) mindless, the performances seem hilarious. The three protagonists are as hysterical as ever, only Moon seems to have progressed (more on that later). Urwa Hocane's character seems to have evolved from being the girl-next-door to a modern diva, but it's a pity that we don't get to see much of her in the trailer. New addition to the franchise is Hania Aamir, who not only looks gorgeous, but manages to leave a mark with her quirky acting in what little we've seen of her from the film so far.
HIP got a hold of Mohsin, who's worked out extensively to be able to roam shirtless on the beaches of Cape Town. His transition from a unlikeable boy-next-door to a heartthrob is actually pretty impressive. He tells us how his newly toned body is in relevance to the film's progression, "Nabeel had asked me to beef up for one of the songs in the film, but later we realised that Fahad and I need to work on our physique because of the way the sequel is planned. So I feel it's relevant to the story."
Speaking of his fitness journey, Abbas added, "I was actually shooting for Muqabil is Karachi and had Mazaq Raat in Lahore, so I was constantly traveling. Amidst all of that; since I only had a little over a month before we began shooting for the film, I worked out twice a day. I don't I could've done it without my trainer, Shabber Ahmed Khan and my gym partner, Ashfaq Ahmed Rana who motivated me to give it my absolute fullest."
Just how the makers gave us a glimpse of Mehwish Hayat in the film's first instalment's trailer, we see Sadaf Kanwal in what is probably the grandest set for built for an item song. Nayyar Ejaz and Saleem Miraj as antagonists (at least that's what we've been made to feel) are also effective. While the trailer doesn't feature Marina Khan (who's making her film debut with NMA 2), we can barely wait to see her light up the silver screen.
All in all, NMA 2's trailer is a clear winner. Not only does the film seem entertaining, but like all Filwala movies, the social commentary in this one is something we’re looking forward to.

'Project Ghazi' trailer has us excited for our first superhero movie

Project Ghazi trailer is out and as expected, it has the audience in its grips. Just as the teaser managed to capture interests right away, showcasing Hollywood worthy visuals and imagery, the main trailer of the movie has us hooked, waiting eagerly to get more insight on this first super hero movie effort from our very own country.
The approximately two minute long trailer shows how an investigative scientist, (Syra Shahroz) is studying blood samples from a few soldiers, handpicked for Project Ghazi. The blood samples show some qualities extraordinaire possessed by the soldiers. One of those soldiers however, goes rogue. Adnan Jaffer, plays Qataan and shines bright as Pakistan's first super-villain.
Sheheryar Munawar and Humayun Saeed look great in their respective roles. But the gal of the film has managed to wow us with just the trailer itself. Without a doubt, Syra Shahroz has managed to hold her presence, coming clear as a beautiful. strong-headed and ethereal scientist who knows her job. It'll be a refreshing treat to watch Syra channel this scientist attire, because she sure does look the part in the trailer for the film.
The plot is fast paced, filled with visuals that fairly impress the audience. Not much is given away so there still remains some mystery as to who the characters are and how each of them will evolve. We're waiting for Project Ghazi to release ASAP and 14th July seems a bit too far away to contain our excitement.

Here is trailer:

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HIP Scoop: This actress was offered Sanam Saeed's role in 'Cake'

The fair lady who made her silver screen debut with Balu Mahi and wooed our hearts, is currently busy shooting for her first independent British movie with Serge Rashidi Zakuani titled Haraam.
In a telephonic conversation with HIP, while discussing deets for Haraam, Ainy did spill the beans on how the actress was offered a part on Cake - The Film. According to Jafferi, Sanam Saeed's role was offered to her but she had to turn it down because the dates clashed with her ongoing projects at the time.
For better or for worse, Ainy did not star in Cake - The Film. From there she moved onto auditioning and got selected to play the role of Layla in Haraam.

Yalghaar: The first Pakistani live-action film to launch its own mobile game

Seems like Yalghaar won't stop giving us reasons to love it more and more. Setting new records with everything they do, Yalghaar has raised the bar so high, it is almost intimidating. Exciting nevertheless.
From Shaan and Bilal Ashraf to Humayun Saeed, packed with our favorite superstars, Yalghaar becomes the first Pakistani live-action film ever to release it's own mobile game. Yalghaar - The Game, is sure to be a favorite among action game lovers. 3 Bahadur holds the first animated film in Pakistan to release a game.
Currently released on Google Play for now, Yalghaar - The Game is nothing to scoff at. The graphics are good and so is the music. It is certainly worth checking out.
Yalghaar releases this Eid-ul-Fitr.

What we know about 'Na Maloom Afraad 2' so far

Back in 2014, Na Maloom Afraad was a fun and a witty movie, which was a breath of fresh air at a time when the cinema industry wasn't as well established as it is now. With Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Javed Sheikh, Kubra Khan and Urwa Hocane part of the cast, the film also marked the debut of Nabeel Qureshi as a director, who also co-wrote the movie people can't stop praising even today.
So when the makers announced that they were gearing up to make Na Maloom Afraad 2, we were quite excited and now the trailer is about to launch soon, which is why HIP decided to list down few things we know about the film so far.

Yes guys, the gorgeous actress went the extra mile to try and do something different for the movie. Let's face it, with her appearing in movies like Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Rangreza, the audiences want to see something new happening. So with fringes having been added we think Urwa looks rather cute in this new hairdo for the movie.

With Haider having been present in the first part, we are so glad to see him back, this time paired opposite the Janaan star Hania Amir. She has joined the franchise so we are sure we will get to see some amazing on-screen chemistry from the duo.
Now where NMA was purely shot in Karachi, this time around the cast and crew headed to Cape town where they completed a spell as shared by Haider,
"It was actually my first experience of shooting in Cape Town and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Our crew consisted of locals, and they were extremely professional. The weather may have been very unpredictable, but it was all worth it. In fact, I didn’t feel like I was working at all."

It will be exciting to see these two married, the story line will feel new and refreshing. Seeing them on the big screen together will be a visual treat.
Before it was Mehwish Hayat, this time the stunning model has been roped in to appear in the movie and perform an item number.
Only a few days are left till we get to see how everything has shaped up and get insight as to what the plot will be about.
With Na Maloom Afraad 2 having been directed by Nabeel Qureshi and produced by Fizza Ali Meerza, all set to release this Eid ul Azha, we for one can't wait to see the film and bring you all a review!

PM Nawaz Sharif announces special package & tax exemptions for film industry

Recently, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, commented on how the government was working to introduce tax exemptions and beneficial reforms for the film and media industry. And as it seems, there has finally been some concrete work done on the recommendations.
According to a daily, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has finally announced a special package for the well being of our entertainment industry, the welfare of artists and promotion of the Pakstani film industry.
Under the package, an Artists Welfare Fund will be established, focusing specially on the the welfare and financial assistance of artists along with the Film Finance Award. Also, as per the program, a National Film and Broadcast Commission and National Film Institute and Academy will also be established with the availability of state of the art facilities. With all this being provided at these institutions, one can hope to better the film industry of Pakistan.
In a rather generous gesture, the government has also introduced special concessions on the import of equipment used in film industry, to ensure film makes find all the needed facilities for film development within Pakistan only.
The film industry has also been exempted from taxes and duties to encourage major investments and people associated with the field.
Seems like the government has finally succeeded in going ahead with the promises it made at the HUM Awards night in Lahore. For starters, the special packages promise a bright future for the film industry in the country.

Farouq Mengal wraps up first spell of his second cinematic directorial

Farouq Mengal made a leap into the film industry with the forgettable Hijrat last year. And while Hijrat was unsuccessful in managing to leave an impact, commercially as well as critically, after a number of television projects and a failed film, he is back with his second cinematic outing titled Rangbaaz.
And so HIP got in touch with the director himself to know what he is up to and what one may expect from his next. "Rangbaaz is going to an action-thriller movie, filled with suspense and mystery. The film will revolve around a bank robbery and everything that comes with it," Mengal told HIP.
According to Farouq, who says, he holds his failures close to his chest, "Rangbaaz is going to be a commercial, masala movie, made for the masses who enjoy entertaining movies". Hijrat, in contrast was an issue-based subject dealt horribly. Rangbaaz, however, will cater to the audience who enjoy happening movies, assures Mengal.
As per the seasoned director, Rangbaaz is going to introduce two new faces to the industry, UAE-based model Aisam Ali, who has featured in shoots for Armani as well as other reputed brands, and New York-based model, Nimra Jacob as the lead pair in his movie. Alongside these two, Rangbaaz will also star notable actors, Ajab Gul, Zhalay Sarhadi and Sajid Hassan amongst others in prominent roles.
Rangbaaz will feature five songs in the movie along with an item number sung by the Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai-famed Indian singer, Shalmali Kholgade. The music for the film has been composed by the internationally acclaimed musician, Sajjad Hussain.
Farooq Megal is going to steer this ship, written by Dr. Faseeh Qazi and produced by Nighat Ishtiaq. The film has completed its first spell in Swat and filming for its second spell is slated to begin this July in Karachi. A pre-planned bank robbery scene is to be shot in Dubai, however, that has not been finalized as of yet.

Mengal is planning to wind up shooting for Rangbaaz by mid-August this year. The film will later get a release date. Till then, stay hooked onto this space to know more about Rangbaaz and what Farouq Mengal is up to.

Ayeza Khan to make her big screen debut with husband, Danish Taimoor

Ever since the Pakistani film industry has entered in its 'post-revival' phase, renowned TV actors are increasingly taking part in cinematic endeavors. Many of them are applauded by the audience, while some fail to impress due to weak screen presence and acting prowess. There are still a few bigwigs from the small screen who are yet to make their film debuts and we aren't quite sure if we can wait for that long.
One such name is the Pyare Afzal-famed actress, Ayeza Khan, who, whenever approached for an update on her anticipated film debut, has repeatedly told us that she has been waiting for the right script and time. In an earlier conversation with HIP, she revealed, “I would do a film which is of my type; a love story with emotions and feelings, some comedy here and there, but overall it should be family oriented.”
And seems like the wait is over as popular actor-turned-producer and Khan’s better half, Danish Taimoor has confirmed debut Ayeza will make her big screen foray alongside him. “I might produce the film as well,” he told us.
“Ayeza will be debuting in a film with me. We have been offered multiple scripts, and we are indeed considering a few, can't say much right now as we haven't officially signed any,” Taimoor continues. He even mentioned that Ayeza had hoped to make her cinematic debut with him, but will obviously be working with other actors once she enters the scene fully.
The Wrong No. actor further told us that the two are waiting for right script. Preferably love stories, where the couple can have enough margins to translate their sizzling real-life chemistry onto the reel-life and manage to entertain their fans.
And seems like the wait is over as popular actor-turned-producer and Khan’s better half, Danish Taimoor has confirmed debut Ayeza will make her big screen foray alongside him. “I might produce the film as well,” he told us.
“Ayeza will be debuting in a film with me. We have been offered multiple scripts, and we are indeed considering a few, can't say much right now as we haven't officially signed any,” Taimoor continues. He even mentioned that Ayeza had hoped to make her cinematic debut with him, but will obviously be working with other actors once she enters the scene fully.
The Wrong No. actor further told us that the two are waiting for right script. Preferably love stories, where the couple can have enough margins to translate their sizzling real-life chemistry onto the reel-life and manage to entertain their fans.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Yalghaar to release in 60 countries in 8 languages

The film stars most of Lollywood's well-known, handsome hunks like Shaan, Bilal Ashraf and Umair Jaswal. And if that wasn't good enough news, guess what. Yalghaar will be released in 60 countries in 8 different languages. It will be screened in 800 cinemas worldwide!

The film, which has been in production since 2014, has been dubbed into German, Japanese, Norwegian, English, and Chinese. With a budget of 26.50 Crore, its mega-huge release comes as no surprise. Releasing on Eid-ul-Fitr, the promotions of the film will start from 17th of June. The first screening of the film has been reserved for the children of Edhi Foundation and the families of martyrs of Rawalpindi.
Not just that, it was disclosed that the profit the film will make will be shared with the heirs of the martyrs. If this does not make you want to salute the team of Yalghaar, I don't know what will.
HIP grouped with Bilal Ashraf, who plays Captain Bilal and Gohar Rasheed who plays Baran in the film to ask some questions regarding the production and the release.
"Whatever misconception there is about them, the army, I didn't see that. They are aggressive and strict like people say they are. They are really sweet. They invited us to dinner in their homes, they introduced their families to us. They are very nice people." shared Gohar with admiration.
We also asked about the delay in release, seeing it has been in production for three long years.
"The actual reason behind the delay was the shoot. We lived with the soldiers during the shoot. We use their equipment, their choppers, their men; everything. If anything, God forbid, had to happen. The priority becomes the safety, obviously. The film used to be set on the back burner." says Bilal.
"I have just returned from the color grading session in London. Yalghaar is a hit, no doubt about that." Bilal spoke confidently.
Seeing Yalghaar's mega-release and the cast's excitement, we cannot wait to watch it soon.

'Veet Miss Pakistan'-famed Hira Hussain is all set to make her film debut with 'Cake'

Budding actress, Hira Hussain got her breakthrough in the world of glitz and glamour last year as she was a finalist for Veet Miss Pakistan and within no time at all she has been successful in making her place in the cut-throat industry. Model-turned-actress, Hira after having a few television assignments to her credit is all geared up to make her silver screen debut in first-time director, Asim Abbasi’s Cake.
Also starring Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik and Faris Khalid of Chalay Thay Saath, we got a hold of Hussain as she spilled some deets for us. “I wasn’t expecting to take up a film anytime soon. I wanted to make a name for myself and be able to invite people to watch a film for me,” she maintains, as we begin our conversation by asking her how she came on-board. “Samra Muslim and my co-star in Cake, Mohammad Ahmad Sahab put my name forward and they were rooting for me.”
“So the associate producer, Mahnoor got in touch with me and asked me to see her the next day for reading. It all happened over one night. After I had gone through the script, I fell in love with it and I had to complete it all in one go. It’s such a relatable story on family values and drama and I knew wanted to be a part of it. Later, when I got to know about the cast I was more than excited and I wanted to use this film as a platform for myself,” she adds.
However, the rising starlet will be seen essaying a supporting character in the film. Why didn’t she opt for a film offering her a solo-lead for her debut flick? “I know I am not a born actress, I need to learn. It’s a growing process. I want to take baby steps and be great at it. I don’t want to jump into something or have false dreams,” she responds, eloquently. “I like to keep myself on the ground and be realistic. I need to have that confidence that I can ace any character before I take it up. I want people to get to know me for now.”
Speaking of her experience being on-set, Hira shares how she was unsure of her off-screen camaraderie with co-stars, while it was all good in the hood later. I was scared initially since I didn’t get enough time to mingle with the cast when we were shooting in Karachi and our next spell was to take place for an entire month in Hyderabad. I’m not really chatty and I don’t put myself out there and since the rest of the cast had known each other for so long, I was worried that I’d be bored,” she tells HIP.
“But living with them was like being with a family. We all stayed at the same guest house, we would have our meals together and every night we would sit and discus how the day went,” she continued of her cherish-worthy memories from the sets. “We would even go to the movies when we weren’t shooting.”
Female leads, Sheikh and Saeed and perhaps the finest actresses of the current generation, when asked about her equation with the two, Hira answered, “I’ve learnt so much Sanam and Aamina. The way they switch-off and on is incredible; I was struggling with snapping out of the zone I get into while shooting. They make it look effortless and once the camera stops rolling they are themselves. And they also welcomed me with such warmth.”
Unlike her contemporaries, Hira’s been quick to shift to cinemas. Concluding our tete-a-tete, Hussain reveals that she found it easier to work on Cake. “I feel working on a film is comparatively easier to dramas. I feel television prepares us for a tough time; we have one change after another and have to complete a number of scenes a day,” she noted. “With films, there are rehearsals, you get to go over the scenes and it’s all very chilled out – you’re mentally at peace. You figure out what’s working and what’s not.”

Sarwat Gillani to be a part of 'Jawani Phir Nahi Aani' sequel

Shahroz Sabzwari feels honored being a star husband

One of the most loved celebrity couples without any doubt are Shahroz Sabzwari and his gorgeous wife Syra Shahroz. Both of them have been busy making movies, Syra having recently been seen in Chalay Thay Saath and gearing up for Project Ghazi. Shahroz will be seen in Syed Noor's Chein Aye Na opposite Sarish Khan. It was in one of the videos on the movie's social media page where the charming Shahroz revealed what an honour it was to be a star's husband.

In a short video clip Shahroz revealed,
"Being a star husband I would say is an honor for me. I take my wife as a star, she is a star, she's done a film, where she performed really well."
With the actor referencing Syra's Chalay Thay Saath, he also talked whether there was ever any competition between the two.
"Competition between us? Never. We knew each other before getting married, we became actors and struggled in front of one another. The success God has given her, I am very happy for her."
And it seems it's not just Shahroz who is happy for her, as he mentioned Syra feeling the same way about him too,
"The success God gives me, makes her very happy so we share a very unconditional sort of relationship when it comes to our work. We take it as a job and the respect and stardom we get out it are the perks of being actors. We deal with it like that."

With a very down to earth personality, Shahroz Sabzwari is gearing up to dazzle the big screen with his movie Chein Aye Na which is all set to release on the 21st of July.

Project Ghazi gets release date!

Project Ghazi will be Pakistan's first take on an action packed superhero film and as it seems the audience is in for the treat very soon. Yes, this summer, on July 14th 2017, prepare to be entertained by our very own super hero movie. The film, in all its visual glory will hit the cinemas sooner than expected and we're more than excited.

Although, why couldn't the audience be treated to Project Ghazi on Eid, when most other major Pakistani movies are planned for release? HIP got in touch with the producer, Ali Raza to know why and here's what he told us:
"It's a programming decision and it was a clean run. There's a lot happening on Eid and I don't think we need that kind of competition. We saw this date as an opportunity and so we went for it. Superhero movies release in summers only and that's been our primary motivation. We don't wish to be a part of any canalize in the industry. There are more dates than the two Eids."
Starring Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar, Adnan Jaffar and Syra Shahroz in lead roles, Project Ghazi is going to be the first ever super hero movie to come out of Pakistani cinema, post revival. According to the film's teaser, the film is the story of the ultimate battle between good and evil. Adnan Jaffar has been roped in to play the antagonist, while Saeed and Munawar will side with the good. Syra Shahroze will be seen in a different avataar as a scientist and will also play Munawar's love interest. The film's teaser came out earlier this year and is a real visual treat to watch.
It's impressive to see how Pakistani movies are now raising the bar and coming at par with films from around the world in matters of subject, execution, technicalities and quality. Project Ghazi will add another feather of success to the Pakistan film industry's hat, as the makers are all set to explore the super-hero genre and bring variety to the content coming out for the Pakistani audience.

Aamir Qureshi wraps shooting for 'Junoon-e-Ishq'

If you are a drama buff like us, then you must have seen musician-turned-actor Aamir Qureshi in plays like Rang LagaShehzada Saleem and the recent Andaz-e-Sitam, where he plays Kubra Khan's elder brother. Being the son of the legendary Mustafa Qureshi, love for cinema looks to run in his genes, which is why the talented actor will be seen in a movie called Junoon-e-Ishq.
Having made his silver screen debut with Bhai Log in 2010, last year his movie Blind Love was released, which unfortunately did not do so well. With Junoon-e-Ishq we hope the actor has better luck. With us curious to know more about the film, HIP got in touch with the star.
"The movie has been directed by Naseem Haider Shah and the producer is Asghar Ali. The hero of the movie is Adnan Khan, who also stared in Mohabbat Sachiyan and I will be seen playing a negative character."
Talking about the plot, Qureshi revealed,
"It is a love triangle where the boy and girl love each other and my character is obsessed with the female lead. He'll basically do anything to win her over, crossing any limits, proving he is a person who is quite obsessive."
Junoon-e-Ishq is expected to release sometime after Eid, shared Qureshi. The movie will also star the veteran actor Shahid sahab.
Besides this movie, Aamir also told us a bit about his other project,
"I'm doing Project Ghazi as well, there you will see me playing a positive role.

With Aamir having quite an impressive line of work this year, HIP wishes him all the best for his current and future projects.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Gohar Rasheed steals the spotlight in first look for 'Rangreza'

The first look for Rangreza is out and we're already hooked. The 41 second teaser has managed to grab our attention not only because it's good but because it definitely promises to offer something substantial amidst entertainment and great music.
We absolutely love the desi grunge Gohar Rasheed is sporting in the teaser. This without a doubt, is going to be one of his best performances to date and we say that with conviction by just a look at the teaser. And of course, the man will shake a leg with hundreds of transgenders in the movie, so that's another thing we're looking forward too.
The background track is another exciting piece that pleases the ears. Rangreza's first look is an absolute delight, ensuring the film tops our most awaited movie list for the year.

Internet sensation Faiza Saleem takes a leap into films with 'Parchi'

There is the latest addition to the star cast of Parchi, and this time, its none other than our very own internet sensation Faiza Saleem; a woman we now relate to being synonymous with comedy and satire.
Faiza Saleem had been making quite some waves recently with her initiatives Auratnaak and Khawatoons, albeit only on social media. However, this cool comedy star has now decided to show the world what she's got and is all set to take her talented skills to the silver screen. And since she had decided, Faiza couldn't and didn't say no to the upcoming cinematic venture that's being put together by Azfar Jafri, Imran Kazmi and Hareem Farooq, the same team that churned out Janaan, a blockbuster hit.
Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Usman Mukhtar and Ahmed Ali will be playing lead roles, and Faiza has a cameo, yet a meaty one. So here's Faiza Saleem for you guys, telling us about Parchi, her experience with the team and of course what's next for this young soul.
Faiza told HIP that she opted for Parchi just because the team behind it was not only reliable but one that believes in quality content only. "The team and the feel of the film are two primary things that I really liked about Parchi. And so it happened."
Talking about her experience while shooting for the film's spell in Islamabad, Faiza added,"The entire experience has been very different. Fun but very challenging. There was this hour of waiting to say one line on-screen. But in the end, it really makes you value the work of those who have been doing films for so long."
Sharing about her days shooting with the team in Islamabad, Faiza did share how the team hung together after the shooting was wrapped up. The comic star also narrated a memory telling us how she had cut her finger during the shoot, making sure the film received her sweat and blood. "First day on set I was handed over a butcher knife for a scene. Two minutes later I had to slit my thumb with it and blood was gushing out. That was extremely embarrassing but everyone came rushing to help, especially Hareem."
On the professional front, this lawyer turned cool comedy star and now an actor in the making is swamped with live shows. The lady also has a television drama lined up and we're eager to see how she'll star in that one as Faiza believes in pushing her boundaries with every role that she's going to be taking up from now onwards.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Danish Taimoor's 'Wujood' spell underway in Turkey

Danish Taimoor and his co-stars are in Turkey for the shoot of an upcoming film, Wujood.
Directed and produced by Javed Sheikh, Wujood is an upcoming Pakistani revenge thriller film. The lead cast includes Danish Taimoor, Saeeda Imtiaz, Indian actress Aditi Singh, Nadeem Baig, Shahid, Ali Saleem and Jawed Sheikh himself.
The film will be shot in Pakistan, Turkey and Thailand. The Turkey spell is underway at the moment and we are absolutely in love with the pictures.
How cool does this look? While working, Mr Taimoor and his family i.e. the gorgeous Ayeza and their daughter Hoorain will be vacationing in the beautiful country.
The release date for the film is not out yet, but if it's any good as the pictures, we are surely in for a visual treat.

Mahira and Hamza won't be seen together in 'Maula Jutt'

Everyone knows what good friends Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mahira Khan are, so naturally when we heard the duo had signed on to Bilal Lashari's Maula Jutt (official name TBA), we were over the moon. Finally we'd get to see them on the big screen. But a few days ago Tonight with HSY left us utterly disappointed upon hearing that the duo don't have a single scene together in the film!

With Mahira and Hamza being guests on HSY's show, it was Khan who revealed this bit of information while talking about the movie,
"He (Hamza) was the most excited about me joining Maula Jutt and it's funny how we don't have a single scene together."
But this was not all that was revealed. Did you know Mahira once called Abbasi 'flippant', which he at first took as a compliment until he googled the word, and wasn't impressed by the definition at all, saying,
"I was a bit hurt."
Being good friends and sharing funny names, it was nice to see Mahira praising Hamza's quality of listening to people's opinions without forcing his own upon anyone. Abbasi is known to be quite vocal on Facebook, but he revealed how important it was to use the social medium for a good cause, as it has immense reach.
Hamza Ali Abbasi is not a part of Jaawani Phir Nahi Aani - pt 2, due to the genre of the movie but the decision to not appear again was mutual between him and the makers. While Fahad Mustafa will definitely be seen, Abbasi did reveal he does have a tiny scene which may be added as a phone call or something, so the audiences can form some connection with Mustafa's character in his place.
While we will miss not seeing Mahira and Hamza together in Maula Jutt, we do hope the duo sign a movie in the future that features them together. That would be a treat for all.