Saturday, 25 February 2017

Shaz Khan will play a pilot in Parwaaz Hai Junoon

Shaz Khan is joining Hamza Ali Abbasi for upcoming film Parwaaz Hai Junoon.
And guess what? He'll be flying planes in the film. Images got in touch with the Moor actor, who revealed his character in the film.
"I play the character of a high level F-16 pilot who is best friends with Hamza's character," he says.
He claims he took on this role because "it was too juicy to not take considering my nana was an air commodore and even my mamu is an air commodore and one of the top F-16 pilots of his generation."
"In fact, one of the first things I ever drew was a F-16 plane so its in the blood."
The actor who was last seen in Dobara Phir Se believes the hype around Parwaaz Hai Junoon is justified because it will be a treat to watch.
According to Khan, "I try not to have expectations and just concentrate on the work, but the team and the gadgets we have in place for this film make it a very unique project. The story is compelling, edgy, dramatic and funny. And with Haseeb bhai leading the ship, we will be creating some exciting cinema for Pakistan."
Known for his method acting, he also reveals that the film will require him to learn how to fly a plane,
"I am most excited about going up in a flight and feeling the power of these beautiful machines. I feel like a kid! Also learning about the preparations and sacrifices our Air Force makes to make us ready for any battle scenario."
An official date has not yet been set for Parwaaz Hai Junoon but Khan claims it's slated for release, "sometime in fall" this year.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Naumaan Ijaz to star in Gohar Rasheed's upcoming movie 'Maidaan'

Naumaan Ijaz is one actor who can play any character with ease and keep the audience engaged. His dedication and excellence towards his work make him an inspiration for all in the industry. While we love watching him in dramas, we know watching him on the big screen will be even better. Oh and guess what? We will actually be seeing him in a movie real soon!
He has signed the movie titled 'Maidaan' which is being produced by actor Gohar Rasheed and Waqas Rizvi under the Shuffler Films banner.
Naumaan earlier appeared in Mehreen Jabbar's movie Ramchand Pakistani back in 2008. Excited to find out about this comeback project, we contacted him to confirm the news of him signing Maidaan and here is what he told us,
‘It’s a very interesting story as it is based on true events, but I am still waiting to read the draft, then let’s see when the shooting for it begins”.
Maidaan is based on the street children, who hail from poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan. They came together to take part in the ‘2014 Street Child World Cup’ held in Brazil and the story revolves around real life characters and their struggle to make it to the international platform.
In an earlier conversation with HIP, the actor and producer Gohar Rasheed said,
“Movies like Maidaan, with stirring storylines, should be brought to the cinema as they end up motivating the audience. The stories of these children will make people realise that nothing is impossible.”
With Naumaan Ijaz on board, we are sure he will add value to the movie and make it worth watching. Plus, let’s face it, as much as we enjoy masala movies, it is films like Maidaan which leave a positive impact on the audiences and encourages them to never give up on their dreams.
The movie is expected to release sometime this year and is scheduled to be shot in three different countries namely Pakistan, Europe, and Brazil.

Shaan Shahid's upcoming movie 'Zarrar' to begin shooting its final spell!

Shaan Shahid is undoubtedly the most loved actor in Pakistan who has been ruling the film industry for over almost two decades. Not only is he known for being passionate towards his career, he can easily be categorised as the pride of Pakistan because of his patriotism. The actor is HIP in Pakistan and therefore we always want to know everything about him and what he's up to.
With him sitting on the director’s seat once again with Arth 2 and Zarrar we cannot seem to contain and our excitement and we look forward to their release dates. While Arth 2 has been wrapped up right there, as per our sources, Zarrar's final spell of shooting is about to begin from 28th February!
Besides directing, Shaan is also the writer as well as the lead for Zarrar which is an action thriller being produced by 5th Dimension Films in partnership with Blue Orca Pvt Ltd. This is also the first time that UK's Timothy Hallam Wood will be the dDirector of Photography (DoP) for a Pakistani film.
The final spell begins by the end of February and will be shot in Lahore, Gawadar as well as up north. The cast members which will be a part of the spell are Shaan himself, Kiran Malik, Nayyer Ejaz and Nadeem Shb.
Since it is an action based movie, all the action will be shot in Europe.
Besides the actors mentioned above, Zarrar also features the London-based Adnan Butt who will mark his debut as an antagonist. With the post production of Zarrar planned in Pinewood which is Uk's biggest studio, we are sure Shaan is going to give us a film which will make Pakistan immensely proud of him yet again.

Friday, 3 February 2017

The song Tu Kya Janay from Balu Mahi touches the heart

Balu Mahi is all set to release on the 10th of February and we can’t wait to watch the movie since it is shot on such a magnificent scale. However, till the cinema opens its door to the audience, we will just have to do with the trailers and songs of the film. The most recent song released by the makers of Balu Mahi is Tu Kya Janay, and we have helplessly fallen in love with the track.
Composed and sung by Sahir Ali Bagga, the beautiful melody of the song will stick to you from the first time you hear it. The deep lyrics of the track further complement the melancholic tune, and we feel this could be one of the best songs of the movie.
The highlight of the song is the exquisite video which is shot in scenic locations like Attabad Lake and the Karakoram Highway, making the song a visual treat. In the video, Ainy and Osman Khalid Butt seem to be on a journey to reach a destination. They are quiet throughout the video and we see them passing each other gloomy looks, while the song plays in the background. Judging from the video, seems like Ainy and Osman are going through a tough phase in their relationship.
Want to know what else happens? Well, you just have to wait till the movie releases. Till then, enjoy the teaser of the song.

Ayaz Samoo talks about his upcoming film Maan Jao Naa

Ayaz Samoo is an actor who has left us impressed with his performance in Moor; a negative role that earned him critical acclaim and an award. Hence, the news of his upcoming movie Maan Jao Na, got us excited and we couldn't wait to find out what the film was all about.
Here's what Ayaz Samoo had to say, "The movie is directed by Aabis Raza," he revealed. "The story revolves around four friends and the changes they experience when they transition from university life to the mature world."
Sounds like an interesting concept, doesn't it?
Discussing more on the plot, Ayaz shared, "It's a romantic comedy that will show how people deal with relationships, emotions, and friendship post university. That's all I can reveal for now."
Apart from Ayaz, the cast includes talented actors like Adeel Chaudhry, Hajra Yameen, Asif Raza Mir, Asma Abbas, and Nayyar Aijaz.
When asked who the leading lady of the film is, Ayaz stated, "We can't reveal who she is yet. All I can say is her work will impress everyone. There are also a few surprise cameos in the film."
Also commenting on the false news that has been going around regarding the cast, he clarified and said, "The news about Mandana Karimi starring in the film is incorrect."
Well, seems like Maan Jao Na is going to be an interesting entertainer that will take us through a roller coaster of emotions. The shoot for the film has started and we just can't wait for the teaser to be released!