Monday, 2 December 2019

Amar Khan is Going to Make Her Big Screen Debut Alongside Imran Ashraf with “Dum Mastam”

Karachi: Actress and writer Amar Khan is all set to rock the big screen for the first time with the feature film “Dum Mastam”, which is also written by the fast-rising star herself.

Starring as the lead protagonist alongside the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi famed Imran Ashraf, the film is a romantic comedy that follows the story of the two love birds, as they experience a roller coaster ride of love, drama, and fun. The film is produced by Adnan Siddiqui under the banner of Cereal Entertainment, and helmed by the talented Ehteshamuddin, who last directed Eid-ul- Azha hit Superstar and has some hit dramas under his belt including Udaari and Sadqay Tumhare.

“I have been working on this script for the past two years so it goes without saying that I am so thrilled to be finally putting it out there. Dum Mastam would be a refreshing new watch for the audience, and I am so excited to be working with all these talented people,” said the excited Amar Khan.

Dum Mastam is all set to release in cinemas across Pakistan in 2020. The film stars some very famous names of our entertainment world including Sohail Ahmed, Saleem Mairaj and Adnan Shah Tipu and the famous vlogger Momin Saqib.

This won’t be the first time Amar Khan would be stepping into the role of the writer, she made her acting debut opposite Ahsan Khan with the critically acclaimed Chashm-e-Noor, helmed and written by the talented actress. The versatile actress and filmmaker made her mark in a short period of time with her choices of unconventional roles and promising story lines. She can currently be seen on screen in “Dil-e-Gumshuda”, that has been garnering rave reviews from the audience.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Wajood Gets Online Release - Watch Here

Wajood is a 2018 Pakistani revenge thriller film co-written and directed by Jawed Sheikh. It stars Danish Taimoor and Saeeda Imtiaz in leading roles, while also featuring Aditi Singh from India, Nadeem Baig, Shahid, Ali Saleem and Jawed Sheikh himself.

It was produced by Momal Sheikh and Shehzad Sheikh under the banner Jawed Sheikh Films. The film released on Eid ul-Fitr, 16 June 2018, and has been distributed by SagaHits.

Watch Online Here:

Friday, 29 November 2019

Sultanat Released Online After Long Time Watch Here

Sultanat is a 2014 Pakistani action romance film and 30-episode television series created and directed by Syed Faisal Bukhari who had previously directed the top-grossing film Bhai Log and produced by Aslam Bhatti, who also plays the lead role. The film has a multi-star cast including actors from the Indian television industry. It is said to be most expensive film of Paksitani film industry having 22 crore budget.Pakistan's top famous writer Pervaiz Kaleem is writing screenplay and dialogue. Adeel pk is doing editing for this movie and he is handling post production sound designing and visual effects. It will be released as a film and later turned into a television series.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ahmed Ali Butt - the new superhero in town!

Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza have recently announced that the duo will be producing two flicks in the coming year. The first project as we know is ‘Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’ starring the gorgeous Mahira Khan opposite the dashing Fahad Mustafa.

The other one is a thriller action-comedy titled ‘Fatman’. The main lead of Fatman is none other than and the rightly deserved, everyone’s favorite Ahmed Ali Butt.

Ahmed Ali Butt expressed his excitement over playing the lead in Fatman through an Instagram post that was captioned:

 AlhumdulilAllah it’s official. My next film and my first as a lead with these crazy people Nabeel Qureshi Fizza Ali Meerza Filmwala Pictures FATMAN. Looking forward to making a great film with these great creative filmmakers and hope you’ll all love it as much as I love the script… Inshallah see you next year

In a recent interview, Butt revealed that the film highlights the issue of body shaming, something our society takes lightly. We couldn’t agree more! Body shaming is one topic that we as a society need to put a full stop on.

 In an earlier interview, Fizza shared that the plot revolves around the relationship between a man and his son.

So, we are expecting a light-hearted comedy with a slightly different take on superheroes.

Mawra Hocane And Feroze Khan to star in Yasir Nawaz's Chakkar

Mawra Hocane and Feroze Khan are all set to return to the big screen with a murder mystery titled Chakkar. This one is a Yasir Nawaz production and we can't wait to see the two brewing some magic on the big screen!

Scheduled for a 2020 release, the film is being helmed by Yasir Nawaz, who has the likes of Wrong No, Wrong No.2 and Mehrunissa V Lub U to his credit. According to reports, Chakkar has been in the works for quite a while now but had been put on hold earlier.

The entire cast has not been finalized yet, but it's known that Mawra and Feroze have been roped in as the leads, with Yasir himself making an appearance as the third leading character. Along with directing and acting in the film, Nawaz will also be writing the script and screenplay of Chakkar.

This movie will mark Feroze’s second after his 2016 debut opposite Sajal Aly in Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai. Mawra Hoccane was last spotted in one of the highest-grossing films in Pakistan, ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2’. Currently, she is starring in Daasi, opposite Adeel Hussain.

Talking to Express Pk about the casting of Feroze and Mawra, Yasir shared that he feels the two are perfect for the role. “I am always in support of having a different face in every film. I have worked with Sohai Ali Abro, Sana Javed and Neelum Munir, hence I selected Mawra Hocane for this one,” he said.

We sure have high hopes from this duo!

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Ayesha Omar feels she hasn’t landed her best film yet

Popular actor and style icon Ayesha Omar feels that she is yet to be offered her best film yet, even though she feels Pakistani cinema is on the right track.

In an interview with the Voice of America, Omar talked about the films being made in Pakistan currently, as well as about her own projects. When asked about her favourite one, the Karachi se Lahore star laughed and said that the best film has not been made so far, but it won’t be long now.

Omar also broke the silence on her year long hiatus from the screen, saying she took the saying ‘Jawani phir nahi aani’ seriously, and thus, decided to spend some time travelling the world. She also simultaneously wrapped up work on the films she had already signed

One of these was working on, Kaaf Kangana, which opened on October 25 to mixed reviews. Her second film, Rehbara, has been shelved for an indefinite period of time, though work on it has resumed after two years. Omar will be seen opposite Ahsan Khan in Rehbara.

That’s not it, though. There’s a third film in the works as well, reportedly helmed by Kamran Shahid and currently under post-production. It can be expected to hit the screens soon after the post production phase is completed.

Omar revealed that work on two other films will be starting soon. That’s a lot up her sleeve, clearly.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Exhibitors pin hopes on ‘Talash’ as the film gears up for release

LAHORE: Following the disappointing response to Durj and Kaaf Kangana, cinema owners, distributors and other film stakeholders are now pinning their hopes on Talash. According to the Distribution Club, the upcoming romantic saga is slated to on November 15 in 80 cinemas across Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan and other cities.

Talash revolves around the social issues that plague the province of Sindh. Its story focuses on the increasing child mortality rates due to malnutrition, written by Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi and directed by Zeeshan Khan. The leading cast includes Sana Bucha, Salim Mairaj, Ahmad Zeb, Faria Hassan, Noman Sami and Adnan Shah Tipu.

Promotions for Talash are well underway, with the cast participating in various campaigns to boost the excitement surrounding it, given that the local audience is probably not anticipating anything praise worthy after two previous disappointments.

Maintaining anonymity, a Distribution Club official told The Express Tribune, “The current situation of cinema is no secret anymore, given the failure of Durj and Kaaf Kangana. There is a huge financial gap which needs to be met. Therefore, it is essential that Talash manages to attract the public.”

The source added that, “The film is a rom-com involving medical students who proceed to address a serious problem. The cast includes both new and experienced actors and is expected to be a quality watch.

” The official trailer and two songs from the film have already been doing the rounds on social media, slowly gaining popularity. The trailer shows various sequences of Sindh and Sindhi households and there appears to be a kidnapping scene which provides the only dialogue of the clip. The remaining shots showcase a wedding sequence, police involvement and a few friends running away together.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Mahira Khan to star with Fahad Mustafa in 'Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad'

Looks like Fahad Musfafa and Mahira Khan are keeping good on their promise! The actors are finally coming together onscreen for Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza’s upcoming film, Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad.

The producers took to social media to share the news.

Mahira later confirmed the news on her Twitter handle.

“I have never worked with Fahad Mustafa,” Mahira previosuly told BBC Urdu. “I really wanted to work with him but there just wasn’t any time. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of projects the two of us have been offered together but the timing has never been right.”

She added, “But there’s mutual respect. I respect him and I like him a lot as an actor. I like that he supports people and it’s really imperative to me that a person should support others and our industry for that matter.” Have something to add to the story?

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Why are films like 'Durj' banned, asks Sanam Saeed

Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming directorial on cannibalism created quite a buzz as soon as the trailer of Durj dropped.

While Abbasi had earlier announced that his film will release overseas before it hits the cinemas in Pakistan, Censor Board has now banned Durj to screen in the country.

The film is based on true events from around the world, depicting cannibalism.

Requesting anonymity, a source told the Express Tribune, “The censor board has banned Durj because of it’s subject. Given that a sensitive topic such as cannibalism, should not be propagated so openly. However, Shamoon Abbasi is trying his level best to make sure the ban is lifted.

” Now, Sanam Saeed has extended support to Durj, inquiring how Hollywood films with violence, dark topics and sexual innuendos can be screened in Pakistan but not an independent film such as Durj.

Taking to Twitter, the Cake star wrote, “Why are films like Durj nanned. If Hollywood films with all their sexual innuendos, violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas, then why can’t our independent and out of the box films like Durj be played?”

Many agreed with Sanam.

 “This is exactly what I thought! Despite all the vulgar and violent content, Pakistanis can watch Hollywood movies but not Pakistani movies. First it was Verna and now this. Is this the reality as a society we don’t want to confront?” a user

“Why they banned Durj, I’m not a fan of violent movies but if anyone is doing something different in Pakistan, suddenly censor board wakes up,” shared another user.

Another user shared how films based on weddings and romance are the only ones to receive clearance from the box office.

Abbasi had earlier surplus concerns regarding the ongoing problems faced by the film. The film was initially cleared by censor boards in both Punjab and Sindh, but was suddenly rejected by the federal censor board, without informing what the actual problem was.

“When I inquired, I received a certificate saying that the ban was because cannibalism is ‘not a part of our culture and tradition,’ so it should not be showcased,” Abbasi had told The Express Tribune.

“As if it’s a part of anybody’s culture or tradition or whether the films actually playing in Pakistani cinemas even depict our culture.

” He continued to clarify that there is nothing objectionable in the film and that the physical act of cannibalism has not been shown at all. “I don’t understand what has caused this revocation, my film does not have any vulgarity, not a single cuss word, not a single act of violence, and even if there is, I am willing to cut out whatever is objectionable if I am informed.” Have something to add to the story? Share it in the comments below.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Celebrities demonstrate patriotism on social media for fame: Ahmed Ali Akbar

Actor, Ahmed Ali Akbar, rose to fame with his film, “Laal Kabootar” which is flying back the cinemas this weekend, due to increased demand since recent accomplishments.

In an interview with the Voice of America, the actor discussed his movie, claiming that it was inspired by the livelihood of Karachi, in the middle of which he also called out the recent trend created by artists who demonstrate patriotism on social media to get more followers. He also opened up about his feelings regarding the conflict between India and Pakistan at the moment.

The Ehd-e-wafa star received an award for the best actor at the annual South Asian Film Festival held in Washington for his movie, Laal Kabootar

Speaking the bitter truth, the actor admitted that Pakistani movies are extremely similar to Bollywood films, given that the local Pakistani audience and filmmakers have grown up watching Indian content. “We have been watching their content since the past 4 decades, we sing their songs and know their language, our movies are bound to be similar to theirs.

” Akbar continued to address the current tension between the two countries with reference to his earlier claims, he said that it makes him ‘sad’. He added that he does not speak up on social media for his mental well being. “I don’t use use social media where people tend to make comparisons leaving one depressed.

” Sharing his thoughts about innovation in the Pakistani dramas, Ali Akbar said that new people are entering the field, but owing to more work and tough competition, the quality is being compromised. Akbar also mocked the characters depicted in Pakistani dramas, calling them fail renditions of old fashioned foreign graduates, who have come back to pursue jobs and look for a life partner. “The same thing happens with female characters, however, things are finally changing now,” said the actor

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Friday, 11 October 2019

Saba Qamar's next film is a tragic love story at heart, reveals Sarmad Khoosat

Sarmad Khoosat's Zindagi Tamasha has premiered at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea but the director already has a new feature to work on.

Earlier, Saba Qamar had revealed to Images that she has signed on her next feature film, Kamli which will be helmed by Khoosat.

Now, Khoosat, who has also written the flick, spoke about the project to Variety.

"A tragic love story at heart, the film is going to be a fresh mix of a rustic setting captured in a contemporary, universal sensibility,” said Khoosat. “Unlike other films of the genre, Kamli is not only goaing to depict the vibrancy and humour of rural Punjab, but also its poetic lyricism and love-lore in an international film aesthetic."

For now, Khoosat is in South Korea for Zindagi Tamasha, about which he shared, "What was most important to me was exploring the idea of tolerance. Tolerance not just to others (to allow people to exist the way they are) but also tolerance to self – and this is where the concept of shame, need for approval etc. come in to play."

"I have been in situations where I have felt I should have been more tolerant of others and more accepting of my own self.

" Khoosat also spoke about Pakistani cinema, the journey it made and the current state its in. According to the director, "The misfortune with our industry in the 1980's and 1990's was that it did not cater to a wider audience.

But the last two decades have seen a nice variety of films come out, and the revival of Pakistani cinema."

"The mainstream is governed by commerce, but very interesting parallel cinema has also made its space – films like Moor [which was screened at Busan as well], Cake, Laal Kabootar, and even my first film Manto. The challenge remains financial support for genres beyond comedy or romance."

He added, "The absence of Indian films has highlighted just how nascent the Pakistani industry still is."

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Shamoon Abbasi's upcoming film Durj banned in Pakistan

Actor-producer Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film Durj seems unlikely to be released in theatres across Pakistan as its censor approvals hit a snag.

Abbasi told Images the film was initially cleared by film censor boards in both Punjab and Sindh, but rejected by the federal censor board.

“Suddenly, something happened; [the clearances from Punjab and Sindh got revoked and the ones pending were put on hold. This is what we know for now and definitely, we will have to counter the process.”

Slated for an October 11 international release, the film will simultaneously release in multiple countries including US, UK, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. It was intended to be released on October 18 in Pakistan.

Abbasi is unsure what could have been objectionable in the film, which is based on the true story of a pair of brothers who dug up over 100 graves and cannibalised the corpses. He says the objection would be more understandable had there been a unanimous rejection from all four provincial censor boards as well as the federal censor board based in Islamabad.

“We never wanted to glorify cannibalism. It [has] a storyline, and in the film, we researched about the mindset of these people and we tried to get at the root cause and the thought process so that others can understand how they think and act.”

“It's a very sensitive film with no blood or gore, it’s not the type of film to be banned outright as such, so I am not sure what happened,” Abbasi added.

"Members of Central Board of Film Censors viewed the feature film as per prevalent censorship rules and did not consider it appropriate for public exhibition in cinema houses," Danyal Gilani, chairman of the Central Board of Film Censors, told Images.

The Islamabad film censor board did not respond to calls for comment from Images at the time of writing. Abbasi admitted that he and his team had not planned on releasing Durj in Pakistan at all, but decided to go ahead after receiving an overwhelming response when international release dates were announced. “I said it will be released [in Pakistan], but honestly, we had a hunch that it could be a problem. But when it came to the censor board and — apart from two minor nude scenes — it was cleared, and we thought everything is fine because the film doesn't have that sort of blood and gore.”

Once a film is rejected clearance for release, there is a process in place to appeal the decision. Abbasi hopes it will work in his favour. “All I can say is we need a final panel to review it and be kind to us one last time, and give us a reason why two boards approved it and one federal didn’t. That’s the confusion at the moment.”

Yasir Hussain is set to make big screen comeback and this time with Iqra Aziz

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are teaming up for a feature film.

The project will be the Suno Chanda actor's cinematic debut while Yasir, who has made several cameos in recent films such as Baaji and Chhalawa, will play a prominent character after 2016's Lahore se Aagey.

Yasir shared, "It’ll be released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2020. Abu Aleeha (Kataksha, Tevar) is the writer and director and it’s an action rom-com."

The movie's cast also includes Faryal Mehmood and Faizan Khawaja so far.

There may not be much information on the film as of yet but we have a feeling that Yasir and Iqra might go from real life couple to real life couple.

Watch this space for more updates.

Humayun Saeed all set for 'London Nahi Jaunga'

Humayun Saeed’s upcoming film London Nahi Jaunga, written by Khalilur Rehman Qamar and directed by Nadeem Baig is set to release on Eidul Azha 2020. His production house is currently working on multiple scripts with different writers like Vasay Chaudhry, Qamar and Zanjabeel Asim Shah.

Humayun Saeed’s upcoming film London Nahi Jaunga, written by Khalilur Rehman Qamar and directed by Nadeem Baig is set to release on Eidul Azha 2020. His production house is currently working on multiple scripts with different writers like Vasay Chaudhry, Qamar and Zanjabeel Asim Shah.

Nevertheless, the resemblance and expected repetition is uncanny, because it is not the first time Baig, Qamar and Saeed have collaborated, provided the trio also worked together on 2017’s Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

However, given the recent unrest between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, it is no surprise that both the countries remained deprived of witnessing each other’s films, production and art. Where India even implemented a ban on its artists from sharing the same stage as a Pakistani abroad, there is no holding back in terms blocking and banning each other’s content.

The evidently dull and deserted cinemas became even more prominent when many of the locally produced films failed to hit the mark. It is predicted that the upcoming year will hopefully be better, with one film already announced to be released.

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