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With my film debut, I displayed my versatility - one can't be a heroine their whole life: Hira Mani

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Actor Hira Mani, who made her film debut with Teri Meri Kahaniyaan, in an interview with Independent Urdu, shared her excitement over the anthology film. She also discussed her journey from television to the big screen, while expressing her gratitude towards her co-star and husband, Mani. The actor also shed light on her preference for her on-screen and off-screen identity.

Speaking about her film debut, Hira revealed that she felt a sense of security in being a part of an anthology. If audiences didn't resonate with her short film, there were two other stories to uplift the entire anthology. She credited director Nabeel Qureshi for being a big reason why she took on the film and expressed happiness about sharing the screen with her husband, Mani. She also mentioned how she portrayed Mani's favourite get-up in the film, donning a simple look with kajal.

‘Teri Meri Kahaniyaan’

"[Teri Meri Kahaniyaan] is my life's dhakka start (push-start)," said Hira. "Nabeel was a big reason why I did the film. I'm sharing the screen with Mani, and I've done Mani's favourite get-up in the film. Mani likes me like this, with kajal, all simple. I'm happy." Addressing rumours of playing a witch in the film, Hira clarified that the film revolves around a social issue, infused with Nabeel's signature comedy touch. She emphasised that sometimes one becomes a "witch" in a figurative sense, alluding to the complexities of human emotions and experiences. "One becomes a witch sometimes. You know what they say: inside every woman lies a witch. But it's not like that. It's about a social issue that Nabeel has inculcated within comedy," said the actor.

When asked about the level of romance between her and Mani in the film, Hira responded that there is no romantic angle between them on-screen. Instead, she humorously described the post-marriage romance as timely dinners, dining together, and meaningful conversations. "There is no romance between Mani and me in the film...After marriage, romance is timely dinner, dining together, talking to each other," revealed Hira.

On films and dramas

Having played conventional saree-wearing and dancing roles in television dramas, Hira expressed her enthusiasm for exploring versatility in film roles. She stated, "I've done all this. If you've seen Do Bol - in Mere Paas Tum Ho, I've just worn sarees. I've fulfilled my wishes in my dramas. The drama industry is bigger than the film industry. I've done many plays that people remember and will continue to remember. There's Kashf, Do Bol, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Dil Mom Ka Diya. For a film, I feel the character's versatility should show. I got the chance to show that I'm versatile and a character actor. One can't be a heroine their whole life. Through character acting, another path has opened up for me."

When asked about when she'll be on the big screen next, Hira said, "This is the work we do, we'll keep doing it. Sometimes film, sometimes drama, sometimes singing, sometimes hosting." The actor also reminisced about her passion for singing and dancing. She shared an incident about planning to dance at an award show, only to be derailed by unforeseen circumstances. However, she assured fans that she would gradually explore different aspects of her talent. "I was going to dance at some award show, but such an incident transpired that I couldn't do it. But in the future, I'll do everything. Slow and steady," stated the star.

Love of sarees and style

On her love for sarees, Hira affectionately mentioned her mother recently gifting her an Ajrak-like saree with a message encouraging her to wear it during the upcoming monsoon season. Hira shared how she has always adored sarees and has even used her grandmother's dupattas to fashion them. "What's interesting," began Hira, "is that my mother recently gifted me a packed saree - it's Ajrak-like material - and on it is written, 'Monsoon is near, Hira. Wear this saree.' This is what my mother has done...She thinks that since August and July are monsoon seasons, Hira must have a new saree to wear. But yes, I love sarees. I always have. I used to use my grandmothers' dupattas to make sarees."

When discussing style, Hira shared, "Style is inherent to you. Sure, you may need a stylist. If one is a public figure and God grants you fame, then there is something about you - you are aesthetically strong. Everyone has their own style. I have my own style. I'm more comfortable in my own innovative styling, as opposed to someone else styling me, which causes me stress."

Juggling act

Addressing general criticism, Hira took it in stride, mentioning that all actors face it at some point. "I don't get criticised," said Hira. "It's normal, it happens to all actors. I usually get love from people. There are people who enjoy criticising others, but that's also important. If there is no criticism, how will you learn? Individuals nurture themselves."

The star also spoke about juggling numerous facets of her life. "I've handled everything. Acting, social media, my kids, my husband, my home, work - I'm tired, I'll have Mani press my shoulders (she said jokingly, rubbing her aching shoulders) ...I can't take so much responsibility. I want to live my life, and be happy. Everyone has a right. Your responsibility is limited to television, where you don't create content that offends your audience, but even then, people do get offended. Women do negative roles. People go after them. People will talk."

Finally, when asked about her preferred name, Hira asserted, "Hira Mani. If someone writes Hira Salman, I get angry. Why does this happen to me? I don't like it. Mani, write Mani. I'm Mani. I like Hira Mani. I like Salman Khan, but I prefer Hira Mani. And Mani I like anyway."

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