Sunday 5 August 2012

Chambeli Review

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Two renowned Pakistani TV producers Abdullah Kadwani and Shahzad Nawaz who are highly applauded both in Pakistani and internationally are set to produce a film which is titled as“Chambeli”. The movie is going to be the biggest film in the history of Pakistani cinema industry.
The movie is a step in the venture to renovate Pakistani film industry. For this purpose, a handsome number of celebrities from Pakistan television are also taking their part in this struggle. Both Abdullah Kadwani and Shahzad Nawaz are a part of this campaign.
Talking about the film, it comprehends 11 songs, which are sung by singers including Najam Sheraz, Shahzad Roy, Ahmad Jahanzaib, Amjad Sabri, Tanseer Dar, and some music bands also. A squad of more than 5000 people is involved in the movie with a variety of  cast, some of them are from television, some from film, some from theater, some old actors and some new faces. The art direction is also very huge working on a number of locations, all the above facts are making the ‘Chambeli’, biggest movie of all time in Pakistan.
‘Chambeli’ is directed by Ismail Jillani whereas Shahzad Nawaz both writer and producer of the movie. Film is based on to bring a change in socio-political system of Pakistan.


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