Saturday 26 January 2013

FILUMS to Screen Wajahat Kazmi's Film The Blue Veins

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LAHORE: Exclusive Screening of Wajahat Kazmi's Film The Blue Vein to be held on 10th of February at Lums International Film Festival. (FILUMS) 

The Blue Veins " is a Short Film produced by Wajahat Kazmi Films and Directed by Z-Shan Kazmi. Movie is about a Poet and his imagination. Movie's story has been adopted from one of the Master Pieces of Great Urdu Writer Sa'adat Hassan Manto."The Blue Veins" is a blend of classic film art and Urdu literature, a must watch for everybody interested in experiencing Urdu literature through the language of Film Art. Being nominated for several Film Festivals across South-Asia and Europe for the year 2013. Lahore University of Management Sciences and Nestle Fructis presents Exclusive Film Screening of “The Blue Veins ". Film produced by Wajahat Kazmi Films and Directed by Talented Zshan Kazmi. Followed by the Screening of the Film, a special Film Workshop and Lecture of Film Promotions would be hold by Z-shan Kazmi (Film Director) and Amaan Tareen (Film's PR, Media and Promotions Head).


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