Tuesday 15 January 2013

Veena does not want to become prime minister!

When micro-blogging website Twitter exploded on Tuesday evening in the wake of the apex court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, a user tweeted to singer-actor Veena Malik: “We want you as the next prime minister.”
The artist’s response was a witty “But PM gets arrest warrants in Pak….confused.”
Veena later told The Express Tribune, “I follow Pakistani politics. I am a part of Pakistan so mujhe bhi bohot temptation hoti hai to keep up with the news. I follow everything on Twitter.”
When asked to share her views on the current political scenario, she said: “The arrest warrant for the prime minister came as a shock to me. Okay, log corrupt hotay hain or corruption hoti hai but, if the prime minister is involved it is shameful and shocking.”
Veena also said that she finds the current state of Pakistani politics amusing. “We had no idea who Tahirul Qadri is! All of a sudden he’s on the scene; he’s standing up for the nation against corruption, electricity shortage etc, but where was he before? His slogans seem so funny to me.”
At the end, Veena joked about the state of our entertainment industry, saying “No wonder Pakistan’s entertainment industry is not big – politics is entertainment! It’s comedic, political drama.”


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