Monday 15 July 2013

Meera Completes English Language Course In Canada

06:43 By Lollywood Online 7 comments

The English vinglish Pakistani star Meera will no more be mocking English because the good news is that the actress has completed her English language course from Canada and America.
Meera has finally learnt to speak English fluently and that power came with her recent English language course done in Canada and America. The course was of two months and the degree will be issued after 15 days.
Meera attended a fashion show in Lahore and there she gave interview in very smooth English. Her fans were wondered to listen such good English by Meera’s mouth. Now Meera has also challenged that she can speak English with anyone.


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  3. English is spoken throughout the world because it is soooo easy to learn! How many verb tenses are there?

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