Tuesday 10 September 2013

Shabistan, Prince cinemas rechristened with modern technology

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                   Cinema                LAHORE - Shabistan and Prince cinemas located on Lahore’s historical Abbot Road have been revived and revitalised with a complete refurbishment of all its facilities.

‘One Film’ was premiered on Friday as a part of a soft launch and was attended by several media personnel and prominent film lovers.
Both cinemas possess a seating capacity for more than 800 with exclusive boxes, an esteemed gallery area and formidable halls. The facilities will be operating under the banner of the ‘Super Cinema Shabistan and Prince’ and shall be an interesting mix, with a fusion of a modern outlook and the retention of all the grand aspects of a single screen cinema.
From the technical angle, the sound speakers are state-of-the-art while the 3D installed is as good as the IMAX. A silver screen has replaced the massive old 60-foot screen. Other manifold features include a fully air-conditioned theatre, extremely comfortable cinema seats, the visual magic of 3D digital screens and a food court that will add to the delight of the customers.
The cinema’s management will try to revive the former glory of these theatre halls. The cinemas will no longer be relics of the golden days; instead everything about them will represent quality and state-of-the-art technology. Movie goers visiting these places will find the experience breathtaking yet nostalgic.
For the convenience of the young and old alike, there will be multiple shows for providing different options to different groups of customers. It is important to highlight the price mechanism which is quite competitive and affordable. For pre-3pm shows the ticket range is between Rs 150 and 250. Furthermore, the choice of English movies will also be available at these cinemas. The cinemas’ parking will accommodate about 100 cars and new entrance gates have been created to ease the in/out flow of traffic.


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