Friday 11 October 2013

Premiere of “Waar”, the Film of Nation

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Premiere of “Waar”, the Film of Nation

Till now it is predictably of the massive budget of around US$ 2 million, a co distribution of ARY Films & Mandviwalla Entertainment, written and produced by Dr. Hasan Waqas Rana and the very juvenile and brilliant Bilal Lashari respectively. 

The much-awaited Pakistani movie “Waar” took unexpectedly long time to make it to the big screen is based not on traditional romance or household stuff, but is about Real Action, authentic measures, counter-terrorism, apprehension and dread which portray the eminent work as per done in Hollywood.

According to Dr. Hassan Rana, “It’s a story of a brave man who shed the last drop of his bravery in order to show his determination towards the fight for his nation, to protect the sovereignty and to restore the peace within his country.”

The premiere was attended at the Atrium cinemas on Thursday evening, Red carpet event was graced by not only the cast of the film but also others from the industry, including Javed Sheikh,  Shahzad Sheikh, Bushra Ansari, Jia Ali, Sangeeta, Behroz Sabzwari, Shahroz Sabzwari, Uzma Gillani, Zeba Bakhtiar, Nabeel Zaffar, Sohail Javed and lot more..

The cast of ‘Waar’ includes the mix of industry, people from drama, music etc worked first time on the big screen. 

Shaan, plays the lead role, Shamoon Abbasi, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aisha Khan, Ali Azmat, Misha Shafi, Kamran Lashari and Nadeem Abbas Rana.

“The film is inspired by actual events, giving new perception of current Pakistan's situation.”

Bilal Lashari said, “Only two trailers created the hype for all, we as a team faced a lot of challenging situations due to current situations of Pakistan. This movie is not just a machine for revenue generation BUT I want to show what the possibilities are to make things better.”

“It’s a film of Pakistan, not mine.”
“The trailer seems pretty western to me, just with all of the American flags replaced with Pakistani ones.  Who knows, could be good. I would like to congratulate the producer and director for such a huge achievement. For me this movie is an outclass”, Javed Sheikh added.

“I am very contented to see the third Pakistani movie premiere in just a month, it shows the intense future of Pakistan film industry – This is in reality the revival of cinema”, he further added.

Salman Iqbal the founder and President, ARY Digital Networks said, “It is amusing to see that such young and talented people are showing their inner strengths to improvise the situations of their beloved Pakistan.”

He further added, “This spark was required by the people long time back, but I am thankful to Waar as it’s the initial step in the Global stage and it’s a continuous process once started.”

The film is financed by Hassan Waqas Rana, who also happens to be the writer and co-star of the film.

He said, “I believe this story is mainly for youngsters, I want to show the importance of Pakistan on world’s map. It’s the initiative to stop terrorism and only if we try it can be made possible.”

All the celebrities showed great enthusiasm and commented at the Red Carpet, it shows their high hopes with this film.

Nabeel Zafar commented, “No doubt this film is great initiative, but only one film cannot change minds of the nation we shall try to make this action a continuous one. Commercial films shall be made on larger scale.”
“Laughing gas is really a need of Pakistani people,” he further added.
Rubina Ashraf said, “I am glad that it’s a rebirth of cinema, now Pakistani people can actually come and watch these kind of films with their families, instead of just watching Hollywood and Bollywood films. Hats off to ARY and Madviwalla.”

It is observed in the film that Shamoon Abbasi played an amazing character in his nasty piece of work which was truly appreciated.

Shamoon said, “It doesn’t matter how we looked in the film, but how the people actually liked the film.”
 “I am pretty sure that people are going to hate me after watching this film due to my character.”
But what really matters is how a person shows that character that is the real talent.

So, Shamoon do not worry we are always here to support you as a Pakistani and if there is any percentage of hatred it will be with your character But not with you personally!

Waar’s producer and director specially thanked ARY for its support, because they gave a platform so  that this initiative can easily achieve its targets. 


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