Friday 8 November 2013

Lollywood film Waar in India: will it or will it not release?

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Waar's release in India hangs in the air as the director Bilal Lashari remains adamant in his refusal to remove scenes as he can't think of a way around it. 

Given that the film's bad guys are RAW agents unleashing terror attacks on Pakistan, Lashari said that he has no idea how people will react, though it would be great if it gets screened, but a lot of people claim that it's never going to happen.

Previously, Bollywood films depicting military or intelligence agents from Pakistan have not passed the local (Pakistani) censor board filters, the Express Tribune reported. 

He said they will amend it accordingly, as there is no harm in toning it down for one market. 

Lashari hopes to see his film release in India and claims that if it does get screened, it will be a limited, not a mainstream release. 


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