Thursday 14 November 2013

Spotlight on Pakistan's 'realistic' cinema: Zinda Bhaag's director

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Meena Gaur is eyeing a December release for 'Zinda Bhaag' in India. PHOTO: FILE
KOLKATA: Conceding that it’s difficult for independent filmmakers to make movies, Pakistani filmmaker Meenu Gaur said on Thursday that the spotlight is nevertheless falling again on the nation’s film industry, thanks to a new breed of independent filmmakers who are churning out “realistic” cinema.
Gaur is in Kolkata with her film “Zinda Bhaag“, which will be shown at the ongoing 19th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF). The screening is scheduled for November 16.
“The Pakistani film industry has all but collapsed in the 1990s…frankly there aren’t that many films that are being made,” said Gaur, who co-directed the Naseeruddin Shah starrer with Farjad Nabi.
“Now there’s a new crop of filmmakers who are foreign-educated, who have just returned and making films again, and although they are not mainstream films as such…
“I think there are very interesting projects that you will see from Pakistan in the years to come. The spotlight is returning to Pakistani cinema,” she added.
Zinda Bhaag, which stars Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah among others, is the first movie from Pakistan sent for an Oscar consideration in the last 50 years.
Throwing light on the plight of the country’s film industry or Lollywood as it was once popularly known, Gaur said independent filmmakers face hurdles but are swimming against the tide to churn out meaningful cinema.
“Making films anywhere is a big big hurdle for independent filmmakers and in Pakistan’s industry, which went through a bad phase in the 1990s… its rising again. It’s even more difficult to make a film there…but we overcame many difficulties.
Zinda Bhaag speaks the mind of the modern youth in Pakistan through three 20-something men, who wish to make a living anywhere but in their own country and their city Lahore.
Gaur is eyeing a December release for the film in India.
“It’s been running for seven weeks in Pakistan and I hope it gets a commercial release in India too.”


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