Thursday 21 November 2013

'Waar': UAE cinema battleground for Pakistani's biggest blockbuster... Indians ready?

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Pakistani film 'Waar' has tasted success like no other film in Pakistan.
The film that was made in a budget of approx. $ 1 million, has reached almost $ 2 million dollars at the box office till date.

The commercial success of the movie in Pakistan has built huge expectations among movie lovers in overseas as well.
Now after conquering home ground, 'Waar' is on its way for a global release. Speaking exclusively to Emirates 24|7 debutant director Bilal Lashari says a plan is being laid out for its international release.
Bilal said, "We are still talking to distributors and we are trying to finalise the release dates because we want to release it simultaneously in many countries that's why it's taking bit of time. 

"All our focus was on releasing it in Pakistan initially and now we are working on the international release. Within a week or two weeks it should be decided when is the international release date."

Sources within ARY films told Emirates 24|7 that 'Waar' might be released in the second week of December but the director is treading cautiously.
He said, "It's possible but again it's not confirmed so I don't want to give away dates until it's confirmed. We are still discussing and as soon as I find out the final date I can let you know."

In the UAE, fans have been eagerly waiting for the theatre release and the director is also looking forward to bring his film to the Pakistani expatriates here.
During our telephonic conversation the young director was excited and said, "We are looking forward, in fact can't wait to, honestly. Now more than ever because we get all these messages everyday inquiring about its release, especially the UAE and in Dubai there seems to be a big market there."

Though the film is bi-lingual (English and Urdu) it has done fairly well in all provinces in Pakistan.
Bilal said, "Not just the urban market we were targeting all of Pakistan, (though) the language is bi-lingual but that's also due to the flavor and international distribution as well. 

"But at the end of the day it's a very visual film so the language is really secondary. It's a kind of film that even if you mute the dialogues you can understand because it's a visually driven film.

"The film has got incredible response; the movie is on its way to be the highest grossing film ever in Pakistan. We've almost reached that point, in fact in recent times no film has done as much business. 

“Lot of cinema halls in the interiors of Pakistan has been renovated because this film got them that much business so it exceeded everyone's expectations. Not just in the main cities but in the smaller cities as well."

After Waar’s resounding performance it is touted that the film will revive Pakistan's dwindling movie industry.
Bilal thinks to revive an industry it has to be a collective effort. "The only thing this film can do is initiate, influence and motivate this collective effort. This movie is going to boast investor's confidence in terms of believing that there is a potential big market for Pakistani films. 

"Lot of cinemas have made money from this film, so their standards are going up, it has encouraged others and everyone is thinking it as a viable option.
"Not every movie is going to succeed but the important thing is that at least we will have a lot of films in production."

'Waar' revolves around the theme of terrorism in the country and has been filmed with the support of the all-powerful military, police departments and government organisations.
In bits and pieces the movie depicts the volatile aspect of Pakistan's rocky relationship with its arch-rival India.
The narrative is simple and packed with action.
Indian villains team up with Islamist militants to plot spectacular attacks across Pakistan. Pakistani security forces jump in and save the day.
"Like any other action film, we wanted to show the triumph of good over evil," said director Bilal Lashari, 31. "And we wanted to do it with a great amount of spectacle and scale."

Politics aside, 'Waar' is fun to watch. Helicopter gunships whizz over mountains and commandos lay siege to militant sanctuaries in Pakistan's picturesque, lawless tribal regions.


  1. best of luck I wish it took 200crore from overseas market

  2. Congratulations...I am living in Qatar and would like to request Organisers tyo release the movie here as well...Although Qatar is a small market as compared to UAE but it could atleast be released in 1-2 screens here...Fingers Crossed and good luck Business and purpose fulfilment wise...