Saturday 7 December 2013

ARY Films & Mind Works Media Joint Venture WAAR 2 and DELTA ECHO FOXTROT

ARY Films & Mind Works Media taking Pakistani Films to another Level where the collaborative endeavor intends to produce great Pakistani movies that will flourish Pakistan’s cinema industry taking it to international level.

Karachi, December 7: ARY Films & Mind works Media have joined hands to produce Pakistani movies which will compete on international markets with international films to take the local cinema industry to the next level. The collaboration will set off with WAAR 2 and DELTA ECHO FOXTROT for cinema audience setting standards never been set before in Pakistan that will further fuel the revival process of the industry.
Top-notch directors of Pakistan & Hollywood will work under this venture. The shooting for the first venture under this collaboration ‘DELTA ECHO FOXTROT’ will start in the end of December and the film shall be released in 2014. 
The first film of this JV is DELTA ECHO FOXTROT which will be a Hi-Octane action packed roller coaster ride. DELTA ECHO FOXTROT is all about Courage, Sacrifice, Passion and patriotism. The cast of the movie is being finalized and it will not only have top names of the industry but we will also introduce new faces, the auditions of which are being held. Further details of both the movies will be shared in the coming weeks 

The second movie in line is “WAAR 2” which is a sequel of WAAR (The unstoppable movie which broke all previous records of Pakistan Cinema and is all set for its international release in December). WAAR 2 will be another cinematic masterpiece and will be shot in Pakistan, U.K, Russian, Turkey and Yugoslavia. The film will boast both national and international superstars for the first time and the story, visuals and action shall push the outside of the envelope of what is currently possible in this field. It promises to be another cinematic extravaganza.More details on WAAR 2 will be shared in coming months.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Salman Iqbal, President and Founder, ARY Digital Network said “After the super success of WAAR and the sound relationship that we have developed with Mind works Media , it is natural for both companies to bring their expertise together for even bigger & better movies. The fans of Pakistani cinema have proved that if we make a good film, they will watch and appreciate it. I am sure that our new joint ventures WAAR 2 and Delta Echo Foxtrot with Mind works Media will bring even more spectacular entertainment to the cinema screens of Pakistan and beyond!”
Talking about the collaboration, Dr. Hassan Rana said that, the Work ethic and the professional approach of ARY Team makes them our natural strategic Allies. The primary goal of both the companies is to develop Pakistani cinema and make films which can compete successfully on an international stage. We want all projects to be the game changers and we want to push ourselves to the very edge of what is possible, we just hope that we can come up to the expectations which the people of Pakistan have with us”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Jerjees Seja, CEO, ARY Digital Network said “Things are really positive on the Pakistani cinema front. At a time when WAAR is going global under the ARY Films banner, it is exciting to announce two joint venture movies with Mind works Media a company which has proven to be the very best in Pakistan. ARY Films is now poised to develop the market furthermore and create synergies with our partners to produce, promote and distribute films that have the magic to which all cinema goers are attracted” 

Pakistani Cinema Industry is now flourishing where our very own Pakistani movies provided quality entertainment leaving the audience enthralled. The recent accomplishments of MEIN HOON SHAHID AFRIDI, ZINDA BHAAG and WAAR has set the way forward and seeing the success of recent movies, this partnership is set to bring global acclaim to the rising Pakistani Cinema Industry.


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