Saturday 15 March 2014

Veteran Pakistani star confident about new actors

10:07 By Lollywood Online

 KARACHI: Pakistan film industry’s veteran actor Nadeem Baig has shown great confidence on the new generation actors and directors, reported.
While praising the work of new lot he said, “The new comers are doing a great job and I can foresee that very soon Pakistan’s cinema industry will see its long lost boom again.” He said that the new generation actors and directors have proven themselves nationally and internationally, their work is being appreciated by leading minds of showbiz industry.
He continued saying that the Pakistani drama has proved itself once again and one such proof of their achievement is that many actors who got fame through television are receiving amazing offers from other countries.
He encouraged that the new bees are not jumping uninformed just for the sake of fun but are actually considering this profession seriously. He said it is overwhelming to see that they are getting education and training from Bollywood and Hollywood and practicing it in their own country.
He said the success of Pakistani movies within and outside country has given a new standard to Lollywood. He said that there are many interesting projects in the pipeline and to get full benefit of the talent we need to use latest technology and equipment to bring back Pakistani viewers to cinema.
He also reminisced his time and said, “I spent my era gracefully. Undoubtedly that was the golden era of our industry. I wish that Pakistani cinema again reach such heights.


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