Saturday 26 April 2014

Cinema Reviews Operation 021

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The Pakistani film industry has experienced major ups and downs since its inception. There have been times when the industry lacked quality film directors, scriptwriters and producers, which led to the creation of extremely ordinary and boring films. But since the last five years, the Pakistani film industry has taken an upward turn. With not only qualified producers and directors entering the film industry, there has been a new breed of screenwriters that have entered the industry and given the film industry a boost that it had never seen before. Especially in the year 2013, the film industry rose to new heights with many well-directed movies which are determined to bring the Pakistani audience back to the magic of cinemas.
After the release of back-to-back great international hits in the last year, the former Pakistani actor and director Zeba Bkhtyar decided to make a movie named operation 021 according to international standards with the help of her son Azan Khan. The Duo has been working on the movie from the past one year and the film is in the final considerations now. The new Pakistani movie that is in the process of being released is none other than operation 021.
The upcoming Pakistani movies named operation 021 has all the things that are needed for a great hit. The team that has worked on the graphics and action sequences has worked a lot in the Hollywood movies. This new Pakistani movie has all the spice that an international standard movie should have.
With the addition to the super hit movie of the previous year, another new movie, Operation 021, is set to release in 2014. It is produced by One Motion Productioncompany run by the famous Pakistani television and film actress, Zeba Bakhtyar.
Zeba Bakhtyar and her son Azan Khan (aged 19) have co-produced this movie, incorporating state of the art technologies in film production to make a high quality film. The cast includes, Shan Shahid, Amina Sheikh, Shamoon Abassi, Iman Ali, Ayub Khoso and Gohar Rasheed.
After the mega hit “Khuda Key Liye” this will be Shan’s and Iman Ali's second movie together. Shan adds magic to the cinema screen and is expected to provide the same in the upcoming movie, Operation 021. In a recent interview, Shan expressed his excitement and optimism for this new movie. He is hopeful that there will be more films like Operation 021 in the coming years.
Operation 021 is a spy thriller movie with motion graphics and best action scenes. The movie is based on the current events and true stories, involving the bombing by NATO tanks Afghanistan, and how it has affected Pakistan at a national and economic level.
The film is directed by Summer Nicks and will be released under the banner of One Motion Productions. The technicians that have contributed in the movie veteran technicians hiredespecially to enhance the production quality of the movie. The latest reviews about Operation 021 specify that it contains all the necessary ingredients of a super hit moviethat can be compared with award-winning international films.
The first trailer of new Pakistani movie, Operation 021, was released in September 2013 and is expected to release in 2014. Zeba Bakhtyar in a recent interview told the press that she has experimented a lot in Operation 021 and has tried to create something unique, by moving away from the standard plots. She hopes the movie will give a voice to the desires of the young generation of Pakistani movie audience.
Bakhtyar further added that the youth of Pakistan will prove to be reliable and useful resources for the Pakistani film industry. She had incorporated her son’s ideas in the production of the movie and hopes that it will take the Pakistani film industry to a new and advanced level of film production.
Operation 021 is the most awaited movie of 2014. Fans in Pakistan and abroad are anxiously waiting for the movie to come out. We are keeping our hopes high for Operation 021 and wish that it will perform well on the box office as well.


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