Sunday 25 May 2014

Did you know? Meera should play heroine’s elder sister at this age, says Sangeeta

00:28 By Lollywood Online

Renowned actor-director Sangeeta says that Meera falls in the league of senior actors now and should play the role of a heroine’s elder sister instead of that of a lead,Roznama Express reported.
She says that Meera and other actors in this age bracket should try playing more challenging and unique characters. The new wave of Pakistani cinema should be associated with a new generation of artistes especially because the actors of the previous generation are no longer suitable to play lead roles.
She reckons that the Pakistani film industry is gradually evolving and Karachi has been producing a considerable number of films that have supported the industry. She is optimistic that Lahore will soon join the race of making quality films and we will witness Lollywood flourish in the future.
Sangeeta, who also ventured into the world of television, was given a tribute last month in which many of her contemporaries lauded her efforts. Whether her comments about Meera are justified or not, one wonders about Sangeeta’s own relevance in this new wave of filmmaking that she herself has referred to.


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