Saturday 31 May 2014

Did you know? Shaan is expecting an apology from Ali Zafar

10:29 By Lollywood Online

Various eminent personalities of the film industry have expressed their displeasure over singer Ali Zafar’s reaction to Shaan Shahid’s negative comments on artistes going across the border to work. Writer-director Mohammad Pervaiz Kaleem said that Shaan evidently loves his country and advocates national integrity while singer Ali Zafar is ignorant about such patriotic emotions. “Our country is our identity. What is appreciable is to use our talent for our own country. Ali Zafar needs to call Shaan Shahid and apologise to him,” added Pervaiz, reported Roznama Express.
Other renowned individuals from the world of entertainment such as director Altaf Hussain also spoke up, saying that those artistes who, because of monetary greed, fall into India’s lap clearly cannot appreciate their own country. He further spoke about Shaan’s father’s patriotism and how Shaan hasn’t let go of his nationalistic roots. Hussain encouraged Ali Zafar to apologise for his unacceptable behaviour.
Filmmaker Chaudhry Ijaz Kamran said that when someone loves their country, they use their talents for the good of their country. “Ali Zafar’s sentiments might be favourably inclined towards India but Shaan Shahid had rejected an offer to work in Bollywood for the sake of his country and instead placed greater importance in offering his services to the Pakistani film industry. Shaan’s families’ services for this country are not hidden from anyone. Ali Zafar needs to respect his seniors and apologise to Shaan for his non-serious attitude,” the filmmaker added.
According to sources, this backlash from the film fraternity was a result of Shaan approaching the Urdu press, asking them to tilt the ongoing controversy in his favour.
In all honesty, Ali has nothing to apologise for and apologising to Shaan is nothing but bizarre.


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