Tuesday 20 May 2014

Samina Peerzada to pull Lollywood out of crises

09:52 By Lollywood Online

Samina-Peerzada Pakistan’s veteran actress-turned Lollywood director Samina Peerzada plans two new films. The 59-year-old has decided to take measures to ‘pull’ Pakistani Film Industry out of the prevailing disappointing situation; by directing two films. Samina thus wants the things ready at the earliest.

“I really feel regretted to look at the present condition of Lollywood Industry,” says the Pakistani television and film actress. Samina, who has appeared on both silver and small screens on numerous occasions, added further, “All I wish is to bring the Pakistani families and moviegoers back to cinemas smiling, happy and satisfied; that their time and money wasn’t wasted.”

Towards the end of her conversation, Samina revealed her plans about doing at least two new films about which she said, “the initial homework is already underway.”


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