Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sultanat running successfully across Pakistan

KARACHI: Lollywood’s recent production, media partnered by ARY Digital Network “Sultanat” is running successfully in cinema houses across Pakistan with movie-goers waiting in lines for hours to buy tickets, ARY News reported.

Sultanat is a crime action film directed by Syed Faisal Bukhari. The film stars Ahsan Khan, Javed Sheikh, Sara Lorren, Zainab Qauyyum, Javeria Abbasi and Shweta Tiwari in leading roles.
The flick has been shot in Pakistan, Malaysia and Dubai.
Long queues were witnessed outside cinema houses. People had to wait for several hours to buy tickets to watch the film. Several stars of Lollywood industry also attended the shows.
Movie-goers and people from film industry have said that Pakistan will be creating quality films from now on.
Syed Faisal Bukhari said that ARY presented such a movie which is a ‘hit’ with the audiences.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bloody Nasreen to hit cinemas in 2017

Faisal Rafi, Shahan Zaidi, Khalid Ali, Nigel Xavier and Zuhaib Sheikh at the Crew Motion Pictures office. PHOTO: PUBLICITY
Petite shoulders, dripping kohl and bruised, the 27-year-old protagonist of Shahan Zaidi’s graphic novel, Nasreen, is here to fight the ills of society. Clad in a skull-patterned kameez and leggings with a blood-red dupatta around her neck, but what instantly rivets our attention is her holding a gun, signifying that the aggressive yet hot Nasreen is on a killing mission. 
Pakistanis from across the globe have been obsessing over Nasreen, eagerly anticipating her arrival. But we have to be a little more patient. Crew Motion Pictures (CMP), a sister company of crew films has acquired the rights to the Bloody Nasreen feature film and has slated the film for a 2017 release.
“We are aiming that Bloody Nasreen will hit the screens in 2017, but we will be presenting another film before that,” says Faisal Rafi, senior producer at CMP and writer and co-producer of the Blood Nasreen film. “We are currently in pre-production phase for an epic crime drama, which will be shot in 2015. From CMP, you can expect many intense, action-oriented films over the next few years.”
Apart from the untitled drama film, the company is busy with the release of their first-ever feature film Dukhtar, which will release on August 14. The director and cast of Bloody Nasreen will be announced at the international launch of Dukhtar, which will take place a few months after its premiere in Pakistan. “Since the project is currently under way, casting has not been done. A few big international and local names have shown interest in playing the character,” Rafi shares.
The character Nasreen was created by Shahan Zaidi, who drew inspiration from the Karachi cauldron and the chaos amid which Karachiites reside. “I am certain that if made right, this movie will be fun to watch. I think a cult audience will like it… just like Tarantino movies. But, of course, if someone goes to the movie theatre with a Godfather type of drama in mind, they will be disappointed,” Zaidi told The Express Tribune in an earlier interview.
Rafi, who is co-writing the project with Zuhaib Shaikh, does not consider Nasreen as a superhero. For him, she is the ultimate anti hero. “Far from being a damsel in distress, Nasreen is distress itself,” he says. “She is the product of her environment and her character has unique and interesting motivations, which will drive the narrative, showing a darker and hidden side of the city we live in. Nasreen is Karachi personified.”
The fact that Bloody Nasreen is not an adaptation of a comic book or novel gives its makers room to experiment. In fact, Zaidi’s graphic novel will be a continuation of the story that the film presents. Bloody Nasreen will be a first-of-its-kind project in Pakistan and despite the hype and anticipation among people, it still uncertain as to how the public will respond to such a film.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Saba Qamar deny marriage rumours

Saba Qamar says Hamza Ali Abbasi and her are good friends and colleagues. STOCK PHOTO
KARACHI: Waar actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi and svelte drama actor, Saba Qamar’s relationship rumours have taken the media by storm. Speculations about the two started when entertainment websites shared pictures of the two together.
However, the two denied such rumours. “I really don’t know what sparked this rumour about me and Saba. There are just a few pictures on the internet but I have no idea what that is all about,” Abbasi told The Express Tribune.
Replying to a question about the rumours Abbasi said, “I will come forward myself and share whenever I decide to get hitched”. He added that there is absolutely nothing to hide and these rumours have put the on-screen duo in a very awkward position. “It has caused us a lot of inconvenience.”
Denying these rumours, Saba Qamar told The Express Tribune, “there is nothing, we are good friends and colleagues”.
She further clarified that the two worked together in the film Kambhaht. “Koi chakkar nahi hai humara. All I can say is that may God give people something better to do than speculate,” she said.

Dukhtar: A mother's extraordinary courage

It’s a story oft repeated in this side of the world. An issue that has been discussed, written about and riled against by human rights advocates numerous times and yet it persists like a disease that refuses to go away no matter how much you treat it — child marriages. According to reports, the number of child marriages that take place in Pakistan average up to 1,000 per year.
That issue has been taken up by filmmaker Afia Nathaniel and set against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of Pakistan’s northern region — scenes from the trailer of her upcoming film, Dukhtar, depict a brown, rocky valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Of characters that live in a village that is as remote and far away from mainstream society as is possible.
That remoteness gives stunning views of the natural beauty that surrounds them but it works against the residents of the village because there is no one to listen to you and nowhere to go when something terrible happens. Especially if it is something wicked that a close member of your family has done or is planning to do.
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
Samiya Mumtaz, an accomplished theatre and television actor in Pakistan, is the mother in the story. In her introduction through the trailer, we see her trapped in what appears to be a rudimentary basement. Later we discover she has been hiding there.
A very young and precocious Saleha Aref plays the character of Zainab, the daughter who is to be married off to Tor Khan, a man much older than her. In a previous scene, the father can be seen conversing with a man who concealed his face with his scarf, so one is assuming that whomever he’s speaking to is not one of the good guys in the film.
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
When the mother finds out, she is gripped with fear regarding her daughter’s future and resolves to run away with her. They make an epic but perilous journey through the mountains, always seemingly staying a step ahead of the murderous manhunt that is fast on their heels. “She was your honour. Now she is ours,” says seasoned Pakistani actor, Ajab Gul’s character in one scene.
The mother and daughter hitch a ride on a truck being driven by popular Pakistani actor, Mohib Mirza, whose character is also an ex-mujahid. They continue to be assisted by him throughout the trailer.
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
A scene from film "Dukhtar". – Courtesy Photo
The locations, the photography, the set design all provide for a visual feast. The theme is old and somewhat clich├ęd, but even old stories can be told anew.
It reminds one of several other films that came out in the past decade. By no means does this imply that there was any kind of ‘inspiration’ taken from them by the filmmaker. There’s a bit of Bollywood’s Highway (for travelling on road in a truck and parts where they go through the mountains). Some of it reminds one of a beautiful Turkish film called Mutluluk, for the setting in the village, the tribal customs that dictate the actions of the people, the youth and innocence of the victim, the oppression of men in power, the concept of honour and that of protecting and/or avenging it and the theme of choosing the ‘flight’ over fight option.

The filmmakers recently released a qawwali by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, 'Ya Rahem Maula Maula', which will be featured as a part of the soundtrack. They are also currently working on a video featuring a song by Amanat Ali who has also contributed to the soundtrack of the film.
A recipient of several awards and grants, Afia Nathanial (scriptwriter, director and producer of the film) graduated in Film Direction from Columbia University. She has previously directedNadah and Long After — the latter features Tillotama Shome (Monsoon Wedding).

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lollywood Film Sultanat with 22 Crore Budget releasing on Eid

Eid is the time when a lot of movies make profitable business. Huge revenue generation is expected from movie releases on this lucrative occasion. Sultanat is an upcoming Pakistani movie in which many Indian actors are playing key roles. This movie is made of higher production quality with a budget of more than 22 crore. 
This action romance film is directed by Syed Faisal Bukhari who had previously directed the top grossing film Bhai Log. Pakistan's well-known writer Pervaiz Kaleem has written the screenplay and dialogues for this movie. 
The movie is scheduled to release on Eid al-Fitr, 2014. The cast of the film includes Aslam Bhatti, Javaid Shaikh, Sila Hussan, Deepak Shirke, Zainab Qayyum, Nayyar Ejaz, Shabbir Jan, Mustafa Qureshi, Akashdeep Saigal, Shweta Tiwari and Mona Lizza (Sara Loren).

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

#100HAPPYDAYS: #Day34

The emblem of Pakistani cinema, film star Shaan Shahid and Dr Hasan Waqas Rana seem to have a great chemistry, both, on and off the sets. Dr Rana, the writer and producer of Waar, who is now writing and directing Yalghaar, hugs Shaan from the back as the star shares a candid moment with the gorgeous news anchor turned actor Sana Bucha. Joining them is the well-known visual effects director Bilal Ashraf who will also be playing a key character in Yalghaar, along with Bucha and Shahid.  Though, the film has had its fair share of hurdles before finally entering the production phase, we hope that it finishes successfully and we get to witness the on screen chemistry of Bucha and Shahid, who seem to be having a great time together.

From Waar to Yalghaar, this war takes epic proportions

From Waar to Yalghaar, this war takes epic proportions
As Pakistan passes through an era of unprecedented unrest in North Waziristan, filmmaker Dr Hasan Waqas Rana taps into a personal story from the region to make the country's most expensive film yet.With Yalghaar, audiences will witness actors Shaan Shahid and Humayun Saeed come face to face on screen for the first time ever. The film promises to be an action-packed war saga that Pakistanis may relate to for years to come
For long cinema has taken inspiration from the fears and aspirations of our culture, its pacifism with some and growing conflict with others. Pakistan’s new-age cinema, still in its nascent stages, too walks a similar pathway with Dr Hasan Waqas Rana’s directorial debut Yalghaar.

Based on a true story over 76 hours of a successful military operation conducted in the Parichar region of Swat district, Yalghaar – at face value – appears to be yet another movie that relies on extremism to establish its central plot. However, Bilal Ashraf – who is not only performing in the film but also multi-tasks as Visual Effects Director and COO of Mindworks Media (Mindworks also produced the record breaking Waar) – asserts that Yalghaar isn’t your ‘done and dusted’ action film bit by the militancy bug but rather a riveting yet emotional war epic.
“Amidst the action, Yalghaar goes up close to follow the lives of the young, passionate officers and soldiers whose patriotism is throbbing with every heartbeat for their country,” Bilal spoke to Instep about the upcoming film that is already exciting cinema-goers.  “It is not just another war film, it explores what happens in the lives of those involved, including the militants and how all of them are affected at a personal level because of the ongoing operation. The film is very comprehensive in the sense that it touches upon the human element apart from bringing the whole war-based action to life on screen. Living in the cities we are exposed to the side effects that ripple all the way here and we may openly discuss it but we really don’t know what war is and what it does to people,” he added.
Like most other films that promise to be the vehicles of cinematic prosperity, Yalghaar too attracted the initial limelight for its exuberant expenses and mega budget, which is rumoured to have crossed 50 crores.
“There are not only vast numbers of choppers and guns and ammunition being used but a huge man-made cave system was also built in Karachi, replicating that of North Waziristan. It looked so real that it managed to fool nature – bats started living in it out of nowhere,” shared Bilal. “Apart from logistics, there are over 150 written characters in the film, played by an extensive cast. Hence, one can only imagine the magnitude of costs involved.”
The star-studded cast includes established names from the industry as well as film debutantes like Ayesha Omar, Umair Jaswal, Bilal Ashraf and Sana Bucha.
The star-studded cast includes established names from the industry as well as film debutantes like Ayesha Omar, Umair Jaswal, Bilal Ashraf and Sana Bucha.
With a plot so sensitive and the shooting location so unstable, a host of challenges awaited the crew. However, luckily for them the Pakistani army has been immensely supportive. The ISPR may not be funding the project but its role in granting all the necessary access points is what has made this film finally go onto the floors after nearly three years of expansive research.
“It’s been extremely challenging for us, going in the Swat region as civilians and shooting with security on high alert, but we are fortunate that the army was very helpful to us and allowed us to visit the affected areas,” added Bilal.
The ‘us’ in Yalghaar is a sizeable mix of established and seasoned actors, newcomers and above all, Shaan. With over 500 films to his credit, Shaan has quickly transitioned from being Lollywood’s robust gujjar to savvy warrior. The man is, of course, talented but the one question that looms on everyone’s mind is this: is he the only star with the capability of playing a lead role?
(Left to right) Director Hasan Waqas Rana, actor Adnan Siddiqui and producer-actor Bilal Ashraf
(Left to right) Director Hasan Waqas Rana, actor Adnan Siddiqui and producer-actor Bilal Ashraf
“There isn’t only one particular lead in this film, there are many,” Bilal clarifies. “Yes, Shaan is automatically quoted as the main lead because he is Shaan; he has been doing some great work in the industry. However, Shaan wasn’t roped in because of his popularity but because he fits the character like a glove – be it in terms of the age portrayed or the persona defined. We do have young and brilliant actors coming up however, being young and current doesn’t mean that they can fit a particular role better. In fact our debutantes are learning a lot from him just by being around him and that will eventually help them.”
Does Shaan sense a kind of monotony setting in? We have seen him play a Major General in Waar, soon the audiences will watch him play a spy in Operation 021 and as for Yalghaar, the 43-year-old will be donning the role of a Colonel. How is his role different this time around?
“Yalghaar was a complicated decision as an actor because the writer Dr Hassan wrote it with a different feel,” Shaan responded. “I am really looking forward to going on shoot and digging into a different character, a different challenge as a challenge fuels and intensifies the focus and delivery. Yalghaar is a true story and the events are written in history by the blood of the martyrs. We want the world to know what our brave men did and are doing to not only bring peace in this region but throughout the world. As for Dr Hassan, he always comes up with his own signature feel in every movie and it is high time that people get to know the real talent he has as a filmmaker.”
“This time around I wanted the character to look much sharper, as he is currently serving, so that adds a whole new dimension to the details,” he added. “I have always loved shopping for new characters as you get to pick the DNA, the traits and create a new being for screen that will live in it for years to come. These are characters that come from you but aren’t you.”
Interestingly enough, Yalghaar will put Shaan and Humayun Saeed in action against each other for the first time on screen. While Shaan plays the patriotic colonel, Humayun will be seen as the militant antagonist. The producer shares that Saeed was placed alongside captured/reformed militants to learn their mannerisms in order to perfect his role. Even if it was risky, it was necessary to master the act. As Bilal informs, all actors were made to interact with their real-life alter egos and train themselves accordingly. For instance, a pilot was placed alongside a pilot in an MI7 and was taught with great attention to detail.
Apart from big names like Shaan, Humayun, Ayub Khoso and Adnan Siddiqui, Yalghaar’s attraction lies – as much as in the story – in the slew of debutants being introduced. Ayesha Omar will make her big screen debut alongside restaurateur Sikander Rizvi and singer Umair Jaswal.
“My character in the film is very different from what I’ve portrayed on television,” Ayesha spoke to Instep about her role. “It is intense, scared and challenged by circumstances. As the director puts it, I am the moral centre of the film. He believes in me and I hope I am able to execute what he has envisioned.”
For those avid followers who had been missing her spark a debate on news channels, anchor Sana Bucha will also be trying her hand at acting with Yalghaar, albeit in a role very close to her real life persona. “This is my first film and the only one that I will ever do,” Bucha puts things in perspective. “I am playing a reporter which is something I have already done so it’s not really acting at my end, and that is why I chose to do the role. It is very close to who I am for real. Audiences will see Sana Bucha in it and not a different person altogether.” Bucha is also spearheading the production of the film.
“Waar was a turning point for Pakistani cinema but Yalghaar will change the face of it altogether, stamping its existence on the global map,” concludes Bilal Ashraf. “Waar, which is probably the most successful Pakistani film to date, is a very small project compared to Yalghaar. It did set a good precedence but now our aim is to take it far ahead and create new benchmarks with this film.”
With the current socio-political climate at hand, it is great to see industry professionals bring us another war movie that audiences may relate to more than most of the mindless fluff that is imported from across the border. Releasing towards the end of the year, Yalghaar promises to be an energy-fuelled take on patriotism and is sure to hit the right chord with the masses

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Yalghaar: Pakistan’s newest most expensive film

The writer and producer of highest grossing Pakistani movie Waar, Dr Hassan Rana directs, writes and produces upcoming movie Yalgaar. It is an action movie (just like Waar), stars Shaan (just like Waar) and is expected to be the most expensive movie till date; so it might turn out to be just another ‘Waar’.
Speaking to HIP, a Yalgaar crew member revealed around 50 crores have been invested in the venture while Waar was a 20-crore venture. The producer Dr Rana is aiming for higher box office numbers (than Waar) this time around.
Shooting for the film is about half way through and Shaan, Adnan Siddqui play the characters of SSG Commandos and newcomer Aliyezah will be seen opposite Siddiqui as his wife. Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Omer, Bilal Ashraf and Sana Bucha’s characters are not yet known.
With an ongoing operation in North Waziristan, audiences are receptive to army-based. Let’s hope the movie exceeds expectations and is somewhere close to Alpha Bravo Charlie or Sunehray Din.
Siddiqui was excited to be part of the film and regretted his decision to turn down Waar.
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“My role has all shades of patriotism embedded into it,” Siddiqui revealed, ““Dubai based actress Aliyezah is playing my wife in the film. She is Dr Hassan’s discovery and has done acting course from New York and will be a good addition to our industry.”
Earlier, reports of Waar’s director Bilal Lashari accusing his producer (Dr Rana), of not being fair, were doing rounds. Lashari was upset about not getting his due share from the film’s profit but Rana turned down the allegations suggesting that Lashari had earlier agreed upon Rs15 million but later on asked for 25% share in profits.
Check out: Bilal Lashari wages ‘Waar’ against film producer
Cast: Shaan, Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqi, Ayesha Omar, Bilal Ashraf, Sana Bucha and Aliyezah.
Producer, writer and director: Dr Hassan Rana )

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Operation 021 makers confirm Oct release, possible India screening

KARACHI: For those waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Pakistani spy action thriller, Operation 021 – don't hold your breath. The film is set to release later this year on Eid-ul-Azha in October and not this August as speculated.
The announcement was made on the film's official Facebook page, rubbishing all rumours about its Independence Day release.
The team further clarified that no official date was ever announced and August 14 release was mere speculation and misreporting.
"We had officially not announced any release date but since O21 has seen it's share of limelight recently, rumours began to spread," said the film's producer Azaan Sami Khan. "We stayed quiet until we were officially clear from our labs and post-production supervisors that the date is deliverable. Therefore Eid-ul-Azha is the only official date committed by us."
Khan further added that audience expectation builds when a date is announced, and that rumours about early releases can be damaging.
He also shared that the highly anticipated spy-thriller may also see a release in India.
"We are in talks with various distributors [in India and around the world], as we are trying very hard to make O21's release a simultaneous international one," said Khan.
The film is set to release exactly a year after the release of Pakistani action-drama Waar, which broke records for the Pakistani film industry last year.
Operation 021 has been produced by Zeba Bakhtiar and her son Azaan Sami Khan, in collaboration with Australian director Summer Nicks.
Launched as a project of One Motion Pictures, the film has Shaan Shahid starring as the lead actor, with supporting roles played by Shamoon Abbasi, Aamina Sheikh and Ayub Khoso.
Filmed mostly in the remote rural areas of Pakistan, Operation 021 is scripted to address the political events in Pakistan and bring awareness to the Pakistani audience.

Did you know?: Fahad Mustafa is leaving television

The drama Koi Nahi Apna, which is being broadcast on a local channel, will be his last, reveals the actor.
Much to the disappointment of all the Pakistani drama lovers, Fahad Mustafa has quit acting in dramas. The drama Koi Nahi Apna, which is being broadcast on a local channel, will be his last, reveals the actor.
The star has big plans now and his prime focus will be acting in films and producing dramas. Reportedly, a film produced by him is also in the pipeline. While speaking to Express Tribune, the 31-year-old actor confirmed that he wants a break from his acting career on the small screen. His two new films, Mah-e-Meer and Na Maloom Afraad will release this year. The latter one has created a stir on social media and is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day.
“Yes, Fahad will not be acting in dramas anymore and would rather be involved in producing them. His focus now will be acting for feature films,” says Fahad Mustafa’s publicist.
Not being able to watch the actor’s versatile performances in television dramas will sure be disappointing, but at the same time, we can’t wait to see Fahad on the big screen. We wish him the best of luck for his new journey in Pakistani cinema and all his future endeavours.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mehwish Hayat became Talk of the town for her Item Song

Mehwish Hayat became Talk of the town for her Item Song
In an upcoming Pakistani Movie ”Na Maloom Afraad”, Mehwish hayat has performed an item number in which she was dressed up in a choli and ghagri. Her sizzling performance and bomb shell physique has become the talk of the town. 
People have different opinion regarding this item number. Some people are of the view that such hot and exposing songs should not be featured in films, well others are pretty much excited to see this hottie in the song.
Mehwish Hayat also performed in many award functions and really does know the art of dancing. Her moves, body language and flexibility has brought her to the stage of performing in big budgeted movies. 
She said “I used to watch a lot of Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez videos to learn and copy their dancing style…..I always loved to dance."
She also found shooting of this item song a bit difficult as the wooden floor has caused her bruises and she was unable to walk. The actress is of the view that an item song is the essence and main highlight of any film. Mehwish expressed thatPakistani film industry is reviving and is doing great. The drama industry has already gained immense popularity and now its the time to see the evolution of our Pakistani cinema.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

From a mother to her dukhtar

Through Dukhtar, Nathaniel intends to revitalise the stereotypical image of Pashtun culture in films. PHOTOS: FILE
While on the run, a mother and daughter meet a cynical truck driver who reluctantly but eventually agrees to take them on. As we traverse the landscape with them, we discover how their destinies become entwined. Often in life, the quest for love and freedom comes with a price and that’s what Afia Nathaniel, the director of Dukhtar (‘daughter’ in Persian), plans to explore through her film. 
“For me, the film is about the deep ties that bind us and the sacrifices made by women, especially mothers in our society,” Nathaniel tells The Express Tribune. “Those sacrifices are often forgotten and I didn’t want that to happen to the story of this mother and daughter.”
Nathaniel herself has a dukhtar, which is what inspired the film’s title and made rewrites of the script a more personalised experience for her. “I explored this deeply personal journey. It was only natural that the film be called Dukhtar. I love the poetic feel to this word,” she explains.
The director was born and raised in Quetta, which is a predominantly Pashtun city. This has not only helped her understand the soul of Pashtun culture, but also draw a parallel between the film’s protagonist and her grandmother; she belonged to the tribal areas, but chose to stay in Quetta after becoming a widow, making a living as a school teacher. “[My grandmother’s story] mirrors the qualities of my female protagonist. So, I felt very close to the character I had created on paper,” she elaborates.
Through Dukhtar, Nathaniel intends to revitalise the stereotypical image of Pashtun culture in films. “You will get to see a strong Pashtun woman in the lead role in a film (Dukhtar) that doesn’t require her to do an item song. How often do you get to see that depiction in Pakistani cinema?”
The film is shot in Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit, Ghizer and Kallar Kahar, all the way down to Lahore. There are chase scenes in the film, which are shot on the Karakoram Highway — the highest paved international road in the world. For the director, the locations used in the film are as pivotal as the characters and the journey they embark upon.
“Articulating an emotional journey through surreal landscapes was an important task for me. The film has a heart and it’s got the cinematic oeuvre and that’s why Dukhtar is different from other films in the Pakistani market,” she says.
The film features Samiya Mumtaz, Mohib Mirza, Saleha Aref, Ajab Gul and Samina Ahmed in prominent roles. Nathaniel had Mumtaz is mind when she was penning her character, but Mirza happened to be cast in an interesting way. “I deliberately pitched him a smaller role to see if he would fight for the main role of the truck driver. And he did. There was a spark in him that I was looking for. I gave him a difficult audition, which is a hard part in the film and he was fantastic,” shares Nathaniel.
Dukhtar seems like a captivating story, but what poses a real challenge to the film is that its release date clashes with that of Shaan’s Operation 021 (August 14). And what’s worse is that if a distributor agrees to import it, then Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns is slated for an August 15 release. Nathaniel compares Dukhtar to critically acclaimed film The Lunchbox, explaining that it has its own unique appeal.
“A good film is one that stays with you long after you have left the cinema theatre. I’m pretty confident that Dukhtar has that kind of potential. Once the film is released, it belongs to the audience. And so, I leave my trust with them,” says a hopeful Nathaniel.