Tuesday 22 July 2014

#100HAPPYDAYS: #Day34

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The emblem of Pakistani cinema, film star Shaan Shahid and Dr Hasan Waqas Rana seem to have a great chemistry, both, on and off the sets. Dr Rana, the writer and producer of Waar, who is now writing and directing Yalghaar, hugs Shaan from the back as the star shares a candid moment with the gorgeous news anchor turned actor Sana Bucha. Joining them is the well-known visual effects director Bilal Ashraf who will also be playing a key character in Yalghaar, along with Bucha and Shahid.  Though, the film has had its fair share of hurdles before finally entering the production phase, we hope that it finishes successfully and we get to witness the on screen chemistry of Bucha and Shahid, who seem to be having a great time together.


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