Sunday 6 July 2014

Ambitious feature film ‘Tamanna’ still playing the big screen

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Concordia Productions had a dream to materalise four years back when Sarah Tareen sat down with acclaimed British director discussing ‘Tamanna’. The film that released in the UK on June 8, played on the Pakistani big screens on June 13, paving way for young filmmakers and producers to invest in the film industry and make something out of what abysmal funds there were.
It’s surprising to see a low-budget Pakistani film, starring a talented hub of the country, still being run across Lahore, where previously right before the release, it ran for almost three weeks in Karachi and Islamabad as well. The brief running time of the film, which is that of 82 minutes, catches the gist and the essence of the film with power and aplomb. 
Made on a budget of almost Rs 8 million, ‘Tamanna’ has given tough competition to the summer blockbusters it released alongside with, marking a chapter in the film industry for its successful showcasing in the neo-noir category.
“There’s not a single thing I’d change about the film. It’s come out just the way we planned it and chalked it out in our minds. It’s not easy to make a film under myriads of contraints and restrictions, but we’re just glad, we manoeuvred our strategy against all odds and brought to the public a film, they can enjoy and take back home in their memory,” Moore said, while talking exlcusively to Daily Times. “I wouldn’t obviously compare our film with high-budget ones, like ‘Waar’, as their pre-production activities, strategies and implementation plans are always different; they have a humongous budget supporting them. With ‘Tamanna’, we just executed what we thought would work, given the cash and cast and hand.”
Much to the dismay of team ‘Tamanna’, the film did not receive many slots in the multiplexes. However, it is still receiving a decent amount of shows almost a month after its release even now at PAF Cinema, Lahore, against summer blockbusters.
One good thing that has come out since the release of ‘Tamanna’ is that it has triggered an interest in obscure classics, similar to Anurag Basu’s‘Barfi!’, which promoted people to re-visit the silent era of filmmaking to watch the classics and compare for themselves the similarities between the films. Like many new wave films that one sees in Indian cinema, ‘Tamanna’ is a well made project and a part of Pakistan’s cinematic education. 
Right before the release of the film, Tareen, Moore and the rest of the cast and crew of ‘Tamanna’ must’ve wondered, ‘Is the commercially immune cinemagoing lot of Pakistan, ready for an art film, with fewer songs, more dialogues and moderate drama, but with lots of substance?’ The release of it gave the answer as a major chunk of the country flocked to watch the highly-anticipated and the much talked-about film, which had been causing quite a stir already. Indeed, with ‘Tamanna’, a newage parallel cinema phenomenon has been introduced all over again with the big screens still hugging the concept of it!


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