Friday 19 September 2014

An Evening with the Team Behind Kites Grounded

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OLOMOPOLO Media invited the team behind Kites Grounded, a film highlighting what happens to a man when he loses his passion. The evening was graced with the director, Murtaza Ali, the producer Seema Hameed and the lead actor, Irfan Khoosat, who plays the character of a kite maker. Kites Grounded is a story of a Kite Maker and his dying passion as Lahore faces the ban of Basant.The team brought along two teasers and the theatrical trailer and showed the audience a scene from the film to give an idea of what they should be looking out for. After the small screening, there was also a talk session where audience members and the filmmakers talked about the process of making the film and the difficulties faced by them during the making. A passionate discussion on why filmmakers should be filmmakers was conducted by Murtaza Ali, Seema Hameed and Irfan Khoosat. Passion was the highlight of the night.

OLOMOPOLO Media is an unprecedented, cultural and social innovation organization that aims to enhance quality entertainment in the society – entertainment with a cause. Our activity center called OLO Junction hosts cultural and art activities weekly. Among these activities there are regular sessions of OLO

TATOLO that revolves around interacting with children between ages of 3-13 in arts and crafts, music and storytelling sessions everySunday. Under OLO Junction, we host sessions for theatrical, dance and cultural interactive performances like dramatic readings, film screenings, musical performances, gigs, games nights, social talks, standup comedy acts, open mic nights, reading circles etc.. The OLO Factree is for skill building workshops and classes for performing arts, and the OLO Art Jamaat is the regular fine art, multidisciplinary design, music and dance classes.


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