Friday 26 September 2014

The original maker of Arth wishes Shaan all the best.

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Indian director and now popularly known as Highway star Alia Bhatt’s dad Mahesh Bhatt gave an interview to Dawn News where he spoke about Shaan Shahid’s movie Arth2 which is a remake of his movie Arth, the unusual person that Shoaib Mnasoor is, Waar and how he together with Shobha De introduced the culture of daily soaps in India.

I cannot really forgive him for doing the last bit but let’s focus on what he said about Arth 2, Shoaib Mansoor and Waar. Because let’s face it we love hearing what the Indian counterparts have to say about Pakistan’s film industry.
On the remake of Arth by Shaan, Bhatt said, “I’m really happy that Shaan is making Arth2. It was one of the first movies I made and rose to fame with. And I’m definitely not that person who furrows his brows when other remake his/her movie. In fact I feel proud that Shaan chose my movie for a re-make.”
When asked if he was afraid that Shaan might mishandle the movie and he (Bhatt) may not like the result; he replied calmly, “He [Shaan] has the freedom to interpret Arth however he wants. And changes are inevitable because the original Arth was made in the 80s. Times have changed since then and Shaan has to fulfill the requirements of this day and age.”
Bhatt was excited to see the modern interpretation of Arth and felt Shaan had respected him by choosing his film. But he also warned that makers of Arth2 may ge to hear comments like, “iss wali mein who baat nahi jo pehlai mein thi”. And I agree. Everyone prefers the classic over the remake but since Arth is a really old movie many might not have seen the original at all unless they grab hold of a copy just to compare the two.
Moving towards Pakistani cinema on the whole, Bhatt praised Shoaib Mansoor and his daring nature which allows him to highlight taboos in our (Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi) society.
He said, “Shoaib mansoor is an unusual and unique filmmaker. Even though India is a huge market, we don’t find such filmmakers there. Filmmakers who can make a film so fearlessly. Even the harshest critics in India accept that Mansoor’s cinema is worth watching and praising.”
Bhatt had seen Khuda ke liye so was all praises for it and acknowledged Bol as well but he hasn’t seen other Pakistani movies since they haven’t seen a release in India.
He said that other Pakistani movies (except Bol and Khuda ke liye) might take some time because our movies don’t enter India. Only Bol and Khuda ke Liye made it.
Bhatt said, “Even our films struggle for a release, hence, we announce the release date when start making the film. So Pakistan has to come up with a sensational movie to attract the exhibitor and get shown in India.”
Bhatt was positive about the future of Pakistan’s film industry,“I’ve heard about Waar and that it’s a well-made film and I wasn’t surprised because I believe Pakistan has the talent and with time they’ll also reach where we [Bollywood] are standing.”


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