Saturday 20 September 2014

Zhalay Sarhadi gets her ‘item girl’ on for Jalaibee

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With Jalaibee’s violenty vibrant aesthetic and slick Guy Ritchie style editing the promo quickly made the captured the imaginations of film enthusiasts who often shy away from Pakistani films. But don’t be fooled by the international look, according to the makers the film is no Hollywood re-hash and a complete entertainer that  they hope will resonate with local audiences.
And what resonates with local audiences better than a sexy actress doing some jhatkas?
Lead actress of Jalaibee Zhalay Sarhadi is set to perform an ‘item song’ which has been composed by Shuja Haider.
A member of the Jalaibee team told HIP that the song has not been forced in to the film and is something that is suitable for the character in the story.
Sarhadi plays sensous Bano in Yasir Jaswal’s upcoming movie alongside Danish Taimoor, Adnan Jaffar, Waqar Ali Khan and Ali Saifina.
The song has been shot in Lahore on what is reportedly a ‘phenomenal’ set.
“Zhalay is not a trained dancer and yet she performed extremely well,” a Jalaibee team member told HIP.
Unlike many item numbers this song is a key part of the movie which is significant for the progression of the plot and not just there to entertain and generate publicity.
Mehwish Hayat’s special appearance as Namaloom Afraad’s Billi created quite a stir earlier this year. The stylish star appears in a backless ghagra choli. While fans appreciated the song she received criticism for being ‘too Bollywood’. 
She defended her ite, song sayomg that just because we keep hearing the term in India, we think it’s bad. “I don’t understand what’s so bad about it. If the song is entertaining, fun and has no vulgarity in it, then people should be absolutely fine with it,”
While the term’ item number’ is been associated with Bollywood, truth be told, the trend of raunchy dance numbers in our local cinema is not new at all.
Mathira, Mahnoor Baloch and Mehwish might be the contemporary item girls of Pakistan. But in older movies were often filled with catchy, sexually provocative dance sequences (now called the item numbers) showing actresses like Saima, Laila and Reema wearing revealing clothes and gyrating confidently.
The probing question though is will these item girls be accepted by the local audiences and be spoken positively about?
Gorgeous Hayat who is thoroughly excited about her number in NaMaalom Afraad  says “I don’t regret doing it at all.”


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