Monday 15 December 2014

Did you know: Sajid Hassan also stars in ‘Jalaibee’

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Expected to release in March, Jaswal is going high on the promotions and has lately started putting up  posters of the actors who will be featured in his movie, the latest one being of none other than Sajid Hassan’s.
From the looks of the poster, Hassan is all geared to play a bad ass villain and boy are we excited!
Jaswal has used state of the art equipment to make ‘Jalaibee’. It is first Pakistani film to be shot on the ARRI Alexa HD camera and they’re promoting it to their hearts content. The same camera was used to shoot recent blockbusters such as GravitySkyfall and Ironman 3.
The director is leaving no opportunity to make his production unusual than many run-of the-mill movies being made in the country – from shooting on exorbitant sets to sizzling hot number he has included everything in Jalaibee to make it the ‘awesome movie of the year’.
Well, the details certainly sound interesting but we have to actually wait till March to witness the grandeur of this technologically sound movie.


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