Sunday 7 December 2014

‘Jalaibee’ is expected to release in March

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The wait is over. Debutante director Yasir Jaswal’s much awaited film ‘Jalaibee’ will hit theatres in March confirms the film team.
The director is currently working on music composition of the film and has given a golden opportunity to all the aspiring musicians to send their musical pieces to him in case they want their work to feature in the film.
The film is packed with star-studded cast including charismatic Adnan Jaffar, energy power-house Ali Safina, television favorite hunk Danish Taimoor, theater actor and singing sensation Uzair Jaswal and girls’ heartthrob VJ turned actor Wiqar Ali Khan.
As if the presence of these five sexy men wasn’t enough to make you swoon, Zhalay Sarhadi and Sabika Imam are upping the heat
Jaswal has used state of the art equipment to make ‘Jalaibee’. It is first Pakistani film to be shot on the ARRI Alexa HD camera and they’re promoting it to their hearts content. The same camera was used to shoot recent blockbusters such as GravitySkyfall and Ironman 3.
The director is leaving no opportunity to make his production unusual than many run-of the-mill movies being made in the country – from shooting on exorbitant sets to sizzling hot number he has included everything in Jalaibee to make it the ‘awesome movie of the year’.
Well, the details certainly sound interesting but we have to actually wait till March to witness the grandeur of this technologically sound movie.  But for now checkout some behind the scene activity of the film.



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