Friday 5 December 2014

Sanam Jung gears up for Maula Jatt

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Sanam Jung will star in Bilal Lashari’s remake of Maula Jatt opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi, according to Urdu daily.
Lashari is in a fix to find the female protagonist (Daro) for the film. Earlier, we heard reports that film actress and host Noor would be playing the role but now Sanam Jung seems to be the final choice. We’ve seen Jung’s acting in Dil-e-Mustar and Muhabbat subha ka sitara hai where she played a wide-eyed innocent girl; an exact opposite of what she’s expected to play in Maula Jatt.
It would be exciting to see Hum’s morning show host in a gandasa fest and probably using Kalashnikov or two.
HIP recently spoke to Aabroo of ‘Maraam and Aabroo’s Babel talent management company’ about their newly launched company where she revealed they have taken up Maula Jatt as their first film project and will be finding talent for the Punjabi remake.
The Maula Jatt remake has faced its set of controversies as the producer of original Maula Jatt Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti came in the media and deemed Lashari’s remake illegal as he hadn’t bought rights of the film. Lashari’s rebuttal came soon after claiming that the rights of the film were with the writer Nasir Adeeb and he’s currently working with Lashari on Maula Jatt 2.
Bhatti, the owner of Bahoo Films responded with a curt, “An employee [Adeeb] will never have the ownership of his boss’s property” and insisted that he had the rights of Maula Jatt and even the censor certificate was on his name. The matter has now been left to fate. Is Lashari legally covered for the film? No one knows. But we do now that Hamza Abbasi and Sanam Jung will look pretty hot together.


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