Friday 9 January 2015

A glance at Good Morning Karachi

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Good Morning Karachi, formerly Rafina, is really a GOOD movie. I'd rate it as 3.5/5.
It's a nice drama genre venture featuring the gorgeous Amna Ilyas as Rafina. Viewers' response is not satisfactory because most of them are mentally rather aesthetically conditioned to appreciate PK like crap pieces.

Well, Releasing this much late in Pakistan too has caused a dent to its reception at the common viewers end.

The progression of the story of Sachithanandam Sathananthan's and Sabiha's Good Morning Karachi went on with a logical affirmation until it reached the concluding moments. 
The cinematography complemented the genre, though drifted a little at places. The standard of acting was so good especially Saba Hamid, Beo Raana and Atta Yaqoob performed really well.
Lighting, mostly low-key, endorsed the story, but didn't put a manifold meaning of the frame in question. The use of steady and handheld cams delivered. In addition, a few long shots of the old Karachi's life in flats and the ECUs of the characters n props were a feast with the photographic precision. 
The sound design was good, nevertheless the editing of both sound and pictures was poor. Sudden cuts weren't adding something to the story, instead they left an unpleasant mark on the face of the film.

The abrupt end disappointed the viewers. If it was the novella's conclusion of which it's an adaptation, a piece friendly to the film medium could have been chiseled and appended to the story while writing the screenplay. So that the end might have been made more dramatic and convincing.

What damaged the film the most was adding the mullah dimension into an otherwise impressive story of the personal success of an ambitious lower middle class girl to become a modeling talk-of-the-town charisma.

The climax of the conflict was really good. At one side it was the funeral procession of the protagonist's practical sympathizer and her mother in law to-be and it was mandatory for her to attend it; while on the other side, it was the final launch of the protagonist's ramp walk which was her ultimate dream too. Rafina was to select one event and miss the other due to the simultaneity of the two. And Rafina selected to miss the funeral...

I'm sure, documentary expert Sabiha, the director of Good Morning Karachi, would do much better in her next feature film. 

Review by Ahmad Hammad


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