Tuesday 17 February 2015

‘Driven’ will show positive side of Pakistan

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A bilingual film Driven, is an upcoming Pakistani film with a western-European theme, directed by Michael Hudson which will portray a positive image of Pakistan, according to Dawn.
The cast includes Javaid Sheikh, Amna Illyas, Adnan Shah Tipu, Rehan Shiekh, Omair Rana, Najia Baig and Wahab Shah. Produced by Naveed Mehmood and Kamran Faiq, is an action film based on the life of actor-director Kamran Faiq’s life. Faiq will also play a lead role in the film.
Image courtesy Dawn.com
“The unique thing about this film is the narrative. When I was approached by Michael to participate in this project as an actor and a producer, what struck me most about the film was the way it was written. It indulges the audience with the action on-screen,” said Faiq.
“I don’t perceive them as stereotypically violent and aggressive,” Hudson was speaking to a press conference held at Faletti’s Hotel on Tuesday. This is the primary reason why he is making Driven, to break the stereotype that Pakistanis are violent beings.
The film will be shot in Pakistan because he wanted to capture the true essence of the country. It is essentially in English sprinkled with a few Urdu dialogues. When asked if it will be able to do well in Pakistan because of the predominantly English script but the director said that the film is targeted towards the educated audience.
Amna Ilyas also spoke on the occasion, “It was a fantastic experience— being able to work with Michael and such a talented international cast and crew on home ground. Being part of this unique collaborative experience has been immensely rewarding and I hope that DRIVEN marks the start of many more good things to come for the Pakistani film industry.”


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