Friday 13 March 2015

Jalaibee emits sugar rush amongst crowd

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The film’s cast personally sold tickets at the Atrium cinema and members of the media were treated to an exclusive one-minute preview of the song ‘Jawani’ at the event. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY
Each passing instant leads to a boost in anticipation, when it comes to the release of Jalaibee. Bouts of keenness have augmented exponentially after the movie’s official ‘Meet the Press’ event.
Held on Tuesday and hosted by cast member Ali Safina, the event comprised three separate panels where journalists, media representatives and Twitteratis got an exclusive chance to interact with the film crew and gain knowledge of what went on behind the scenes.
Unlike other press conferences where the media is educated on the production and enlightened about the cast, this particular event was ostensibly different.
Cast members candidly discussed their personal struggles of making it in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Sajid Hasan revealed that he had initially turned down Yasir Jaswal’s offer, with the idea in mind that making a movie in an industry like that of Pakistan is a blunder. It was the director’s continual perseverance that in fact, won Hasan on board.
Once the film began shooting, Hasan realised that he would have made a grave slip-up by turning down the offer. The actor was pleasantly surprised by the film’s structure and content plus the highly professional environment on set.
Accentuating the lighter side of the evening, Wiqar Ali Khan decided to amuse those in attendance by briefly integrating Pashto, English and broken-Urdu while addressing the press.
Despite all the fun and frolick, all eyes were on Zhalay Sarhadi, especially after audiences got a sneak peek of an exclusive one-minute preview of the performance song ‘Jawani’ from the movie. Sarhadi who plays the role of the bar dancer Bunno in the movie, noted that she had turned down several roles before agreeing to carry out her part in Jalaibee. The fact that it was an action movie got her all keyed up to say yes to the offer.
Reminiscing at the occasion, Yasir Jaswal disclosed his journey to filmdom with the whole cast and crew of Jalaibee. He revealed that he had to shoot the film in two spells since they initially worked on limited resources. But, once the teaser for the film released, several companies illustrated interest in backing the diverse venture.
The director added, “Jalaibee is a sincere attempt to add new flavour to the Pakistani film fraternity. The idea was to create something exciting that would entertain and capture the attention of audiences worldwide.”
Salman Iqbal, founder and president of the ARY Digital Network expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm over the finished project stating that it is heartening to witness films of an international-caliber being produced in the country.
Jalaibee will set the trend for good action-packed-adventure films, which will surely lure audiences to theatres for a fun filled experience,” hoped Iqbal.
Jalaibee, which boasts of an ensemble cast, includes Sajid Hasan, Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Wiqar Ali Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi and Umair Jaswal in pivotal roles. The film is set to release on March 20 nation-wide and will simultaneously be released in six nations worldwide, including USA, UK, Australia and UAE.
The movie’s soundtrack is also expected to release in the coming few days and features a blend of both local and international artistes, such as Uzair Jaswal, Umair Jaswal, Humera Arshad, Shizzio and Coastal.


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