Sunday 1 March 2015

‘Paranormal Karachi Nights’ is now called ‘Aksbandh’

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The Paranormal Larkanafield Project: Found film comes to Pakistan

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Pakistan’s first ‘found footage’ film ‘Paranormal Karachi Nights’ has got a new name – it will be now called ‘Aksbandh’.
As described on the film official Facebook page it is a story of five young filmmakers who suddenly disappear while shooting in the woods near Drigh Lake Larakana in January 2014. A week later their camera was found containing details about what  happened to them.
Produced by ARY Muzik VJ and actor Ayaaz Samoo (you may have caught him in a thrilling action sequence in 021) and Maqbool Ahmed Durrari the horror flick will be directed by Imran Hussain. The cast of the film is mostly comprised of novice artists including Saud Imtiaz, Danial, Bilal Yusafzai, Ayaz Samoo, Shehzeen Rahat and Mahrukh Rizvi.
The first official teaser of the film was released in December 2014 showing a wheel chair and a few hazy images with the tagline ‘frightening soon.’ This is the first time ‘found footage’ genre has been experimented by a local filmmaker but in Hollywood it’s a tried and tested style where several hit films have been made on it like Paranormal series, Cloverfield and REC .



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