Sunday 3 May 2015

From ramp to the reel

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LAHORE: Having already earned her spurs in the fashion industry, Rabia Butt is on a streak of good luck. As she gears up for her film debut in Farooq Mengal’s Hijrat, she shares what it has been like to transition from the ramp to the reel. She said nothing she has taken up so far has been as exciting as appearing in a film, reported Roznama Express.
“I have enjoyed a considerable amount of success as part of the fashion industry and multiple music videos, but once I began acting in movies, I started feeling differently about myself,” she said. On how she was agreed to do the film, she shared, “When the director told me about the part, I had a detailed discussion with him about the character and the film. Once I was convinced about the part, I signed the project.”
Describing her affiliation with both fashion and film as a win-win situation, she stated, “Being part of the film industry gives you an opportunity to showcase your creative side.” Butt considers herself blessed to have worked with some of the most successful and famous fashion designers, make-up artists and photographers.
With her prior experience in acting limited to music videos, Butt stated that she started enjoying the job once, “[she] got the opportunity to display [her] skills in front of the camera.” She further said, “Gradually, I started to understand the difference between modelling and acting.”
She said a lot attention has been paid to the music of the film, which she feels has a very “strong script.” “All this was a new experience for me and I am hopeful that it would open more opportunities for me,” remarked Butt. Hijrat has been shot in multiple locations, including Pakistan and Turkey.


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