Wednesday 15 July 2015

From Humaima, with love

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If Bol (2011) was a milestone, then Raja Natwarlal (2014) was a big leap in Humaima Malick’s career.  Although the latter couldn’t give her the results an artist would want from a Bollywood debut, it still managed to keep her relevant.
So relevant and relatable that she can be considered the seasoned actor opposite whom Sikander Rizvi will make his big screen debut in Dekh Magar Pyaar Say (DPMS). But the number of her competitors has grown since Bol, and one wonders if her brand name will sustain at a time when the likes of Mahira Khan have turned themselves into crowd-pullers.
“I believe in quality not quantity. I don’t go around signing everything that comes my way,” Humaima tells The Express Tribune. “I’m very choosy about what I do because I want to fully concentrate on what I have at hand and not dabble in lots of things at one time. This is the reason why I’m very particular. I don’t want to disappoint my loyal fans by doing something where they see I haven’t given all my energy to it.”
Humaima is really excited about DPMS and hopes that her hard work and dedication during the shoot will churn out positive results in cinemas. “I have given my 200 per cent to this film, and I’m sure my fans will love me in the film and appreciate my hard work”.
Directed by well-known ad-filmmaker Asadul Haque and written by journalist-author Saba Imtiaz, DPMS is a romantic comedy starring Sikander Rizvi and Humaima in the lead roles.
“From the posters already, one could figure out how sizzling the chemistry is between the leading characters. Sikander was a treat to work with and we had a great time on the shoot. You’ll have to wait and watch the film to see how we look together,” she smirks.
The producers of the film have time and again stressed on the fact that the shoot of the film was completed in 45 days as per their initial commitments. There adherence to professionalism was also reflected in the way Asad tackled the actors, which made Humaima feel that she wasn’t working with a first-timer.
“We were done shooting dot on time; not a day more. Asad gave all his energy and we did not feel for once that he was making a film for the first time. Such was his professionalism and dedication.”
The makers of DPMS recently released a visually appealing trailer of the film. The film shows Sikander Rizvi don the role of Rickshaw driver and Humaima as his love interest. While the details of art direction are worth watching, one still wonders if the audience will have enough reasons to watch DPMS instead of Moor, Shah or brothers.
“Firstly, it has me in it, so that’s a big reason go and watch the film,” quips Humaima, going on to add that DMPS is a complete package that people will love. “There’s romance, there’s comedy, there’s great music, styling, cinematography, and what not. Everything that one wants in a perfect film is in it. Also, it’s a Pakistani film and our films need to be watched, loved, and promoted for the industry to grow”.
For now only the turn out in cinemas on August 14 is going to decide the fate of DPMS but till then Humaima has kept her hands full. She was recently a part of a photo shoot that was featured in the British Vogue. It was an overwhelming experience and I was really excited to be featured in British Vogue, which is considered a fashion bible worldwide
The fashion shoot was done for Karachi-based designer Syeda Amera and was shot by Adnan Qazi.


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