Friday 31 July 2015

Humayun Saeed hosts party to celebrate success of Bin Roye AND Wrong No.

02:27 By Lollywood Online

KARACHI: Humayun Saeed is a superstar in the truest sense. And he has a heart of gold. The actor hosted a grand party recently to celebrate the success of Bin Roye as well as Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong No. — a film which released on the same day as Bin Roye and has since been fiercely competing with it at the box office.
What’s even more thrilling is that Humayun didn’t just invite the team ofWrong No., he invited the cast and crew of several upcoming Pakistani films including Wajahat Rauf’s Karachi Se Lahore, Jami’s Moor, Asadul Haq’s Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, Asim Reza’s Ho Mann Jahan, his own production Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Dr Hassan Waqar Rana’sYalghaar and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Kambakht.
“Actually, my friends were planning to throw a birthday party for me (his birthday was on July 27) but I told them instead of celebrating my birthday let’s celebrate the revival of Pakistani cinema. So we decided to cut the cake on Yasir’s (Nawaz) birthday (July 25),” Humayun told The Express Tribune.
That’s not it. Humayun got a special cake made with posters of all the aforementioned films and all the directors cut it together.
 “This has never happened before in our industry,” veteran actor Javed Sheikh said who was also present at the event.
Yasir Nawaz too was pleased by Humayun’s gesture. “It was great. This should happen more often. People don’t realise that we are not making films for money, we are doing this for passion. Even though it is a big hit,Wrong No. still hasn’t reached break-even because we are still a small industry. Insha Allah it will reach break-even soon and in a few years our films will fare even better but in the meanwhile it is important for all of us to remain united,” he said.
He added that during the promotions he repeatedly said Bin Roye‘s success would make him happy, and now that the film is doing well he is really happy for the entire team of Bin Roye. “Someone made a negative comment about Bin Roye on my Facebook page and I deleted it. I explained to that person it is important for us to stay away from leg-pulling and appreciate each other’s work,” Yasir said.
Asim Reza, whose debut film Ho Mann Jahan will hit screens after Muharram, termed Humayun’s gesture positive. “We all need to get together. It would never turn into an industry if we keep doing our own thing. It was a great party and we had a lot of fun but we should meet more often to discuss serious issues as well,” he said.
Karachi Se Lahore‘s director Wajahat Rauf said it was very kind of Humayun to invite him. “It was a very exciting moment (all the directors cutting cake) for us. We should do it too when our film is a hit insha Allah.”
Karachi Se Lahore is releasing in cinemas across Pakistan on July 29. The film’s lead actress Ayesha Omar was also present at the party. “I think it’s very very cool of Humayun and very generous of him. But Humayun is like that. Khulay dil wala. I would like to mention Samina (Humayun’s wife) as well because she always manages everything and is such a fantastic host,” she said.
Other celebrities present at the party included Sikander Rizvi, Sohai Ali Abro, Maria Wasti, Saqib Malik, Syra and Shahroz, Shehzad Sheikh, Momal Sheikh, Anoushey Ashraf, Nida Yasir just to name a few. Bilal Lashari and Hamza Ali Abbasi flew from Lahore and Islamabad especially to attend the event.
“I planned it in just one day because I was in the US and wanted to host it as soon as I got back,” Humayun said. ”I apologise to those who I missed to invite. Especially Jami. I had sent him a message but it somehow didn’t get through. He texted me the next day saying why I didn’t invite him. So I sent him a photo of the cake that had Moor‘s poster on it and told him there’s no way I would miss his name intentionally,” he added.
Humayun stressed that it was important for everyone in the industry to stick together at this crucial juncture. “Wrong No. and Bin Roye both did well in spite of being pitted against a film as big as Bajrangi Bhaijaan. If our films weren’t good enough they would have been washed out. But they are going strong. My friends are calling me to ask for Bin Roye tickets because all the shows are house full,” he said.
The superstar said he always wanted this to happen: Pakistani films screened alongside Indian films. “We all need to work together and must support each other no matter what. Those who would join the industry in five, ten years will benefit from this. And at least we would be remembered for helping revive the Pakistani cinema.”
Absolutely! Humayun’s name is certainly one that won’t be forgotten. It’s heartwarming to see all our A-list actors and actresses show such amazing comradery and we wish we get to witness many more such events in the future.


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