Friday 3 July 2015

‘Shah’ and ‘Dekh Magar Pyaar Say’ unveil first looks

00:48 By Lollywood Online

KARACHI: The Independence Day weekend is already shaping up towards an exciting box office race, as it marks the release of not one but three Pakistani films – Moor,Dekh Magar Pyaar Say (DMPS) and Shah.
With the trailer for Moor having been released a long time ago, bothDMPS and Shah have finally taken their positions on the race track with the release of the teasers for their respective movies.
Even though it may be ill-advised to judge a film based on just a trailer, the Adnan Sarwar-directed sports biopic Shah already feels like a breeze of fresh air given the number of formula films that have been produced of late.
Shah, which chronicles the journey of boxer Adnan Hussain Shah, from the streets of Lyari to a podium-finish in the Seoul Olympics, packs a punch and may just provide the right dose of patriotism to audiences on August 14.
A major area where Shah manages to trump trailers for other Pakistani films before it is with its smartly crafted 112-second long promo. The trailer not only serves as a montage of (probably) some of the movie’s most impressive scenes but also reveals details about the film’s story – enough to keep the viewer engaged.
The trailer for the movie gives across a very Rocky-esque vibe especially the scenes, which depict the titular character running on the beach and shadow boxing on top of stacks.
On the other hand, another film competing for the pole position – at the Pakistani box office – against the underdog story of Shah would be Asadul Haq’s glamorous DMPS.
Not disclosing any details about the story of the movie, the teaser is inter-cut with clips of Humaima Mallick while introducing debutant Sikander Rizvi who walks through some of the most scenic locations in Lahore, a city that is at the heart of the film, with a dubstep version of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Dillagi playing in the background.
Then again for a movie, like DMPS, which has been heavily billed around its cast and scenic locations, the trailer does end up offering a glimpse into how it may be a movie which depends more on visuals than on the story. For now let’s keep our fingers crossed till the big day arrives.


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