Tuesday 8 September 2015

Banning Swaarangi is not the solution: Resham

20:17 By Lollywood Online

KARACHI: Nearly a decade since she was last seen in Lollywood, an industry often written off as crass and obscene, Resham seems to have finally ironed out the kinks in her career. As she returns to the new and improved Pakistani cinema with the ‘social message-oriented film’ Swaarangi, she can’t be touted as anything less than daring to have gone from glam to deglam.
“This role is entirely different,” says Resham. “I’ve worked in Swaarangiwithout make-up for the most part,” she adds. Focusing on real-life events that showcase the plight of drug addicts in Pakistan, Resham states that the movie is “more about its characters and the story it has to tell.” Of her role in the film, she shares, “My character is of a drug addict’s wife and a mother, who is keen on keeping her kids safe. Her journey of ensuring her kids’ safety in an unsafe environment is what drives her.”
But Swaarangi, which is slated to release on September 11, hasn’t been free of controversy. Following the film’s ban by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), its reach is expected to be compromised. Reacting to this vehemently, Resham says, “Swaarangi is a product of parallel cinema, which raises some serious questions about existing social issues. This story must be told.” She further says, “I’d say banning such a film is not the solution. Addressing the actual causes that have led to this state of our society is a much better option.” Resham is hopeful that the film will be cleared by the CBFC and released across Pakistan on the said date.
On what pivoted her towards the character, Resham explains, “I like honesty and truth. Any role that depicts these traits attracts my attention. This role feels authentic as it’s inspired by real-life incidents. [Portraying such a character] was challenging and intriguing for me.” Resham holds that Swaarangi has high global appeal as it focuses on an issue as rampant as drug addiction. She’s hopeful that the film would be appreciated by international audiences as this is an issue shared by many countries.
Resham recently jumped on the social media bandwagon, connecting with her fans on Twitter and Facebook. She considers the growing impact of social media as a welcome change. “Things evolve. Social media is an evolution. The idea of getting to know my fans first-hand was the primary reason behind me joining social media.” On the television front, she says she has the drama serial Mere Humdum in the pipeline.