Sunday 18 October 2015

Kareena Kapoor set to star in Shoaib Mansoor's next film

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Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is set to star in acclaimed Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor’s next film.
According to Mid-day, the actor will travel to Dubai next week to meet Mansoor for a formal script narration and to sign the contract for his next film.
The industry was abuzz with rumours about the collaboration since some time but now it’s official as Kareena’s spokesperson has confirmed the news.
A few months ago, Mansoor had e-mailed his concept to Kareena, saying that she will have a powerful role in the film. She liked the idea but wanted to read the script before giving her nod to the film. She will be the first A-list actress to work in a Pakistani project,” a source told Mid-day.
“Although Kareena has verbally accepted the offer, she wants to hear the script. After that, she will sign the deal. For a while now, she has been keeping an eye out for projects that will allow her to push the envelope and [she] believes that Mansoor’s story is one of them,” the source added.
Earlier, it was reported that Kareena is a huge fan of Mansoor and had said, “I really want to work with him. He has made some fantastic content driven films and is a wonderful filmmaker.”
Her wish did not go unanswered because as soon as the Pakistani director heard about this, he flew to India to offer Bebo a role in his next film, reported Mumbai Mirror
It was also declared that Kareena, who typically stays away from social networks, will join Twitter for a day to announce the collaboration at the end of this month.
According to the source, “She also plans to connect with her fans online. But, she will be off social networking after that.”
Kareena is currently shooting for her upcoming film Ki and Ka with Arjun Kapoor, but she has taken a break and will be staying in Dubai for two days to finalise the deal.
We hear that Shoaib Mansoor’s next is a heroine-eccentric film which will take off next year. Well, this is one collaboration that will definitely set the box office on fire.


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