Friday 4 December 2015

Will remake Kambakht, says Hamza Ali Abbasi

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Has Hamza Ali Abbasi taken Sheheryar Munawar’s threat seriously?
Maybe he has. The JPNA actor took to Facebook (yet again!) to announce that his film Kambakht, which he made two years ago, will be re-shot.
Hamza’s post stated: “Two years ago the lead cast was unknown and [the] film [Kambakht] was something no one wanted to invest in, the production and the budget was extremely low and couldn’t do justice to the story.”
 But now that Hamza has “ample investment prospects available”, he has decided to “remake the film on a scale and budget that it deserves.”
 Earlier, in an interview with The Express Tribune, Hamza’s friend andKambakht co-star Sheheryar Munawar had jokingly said that he would “kill” Hamza if he released the film now — two years later.


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