Thursday 21 January 2016

A lot of work goes into making a blockbuster: Debutante Aleeze Nasser on 'Yalghaar'

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KARACHI: Among the many awaiting the release of highly-anticipated film Yalghaar is Aleeze Nasser, who is all set to make her film debut with the upcoming movie which features a stellar star cast.
The half-Pakistani, half-Turkish actor is a graduate of the New York Film Academy and is, unsurprisingly, eager for her film to hit theatres, the release date of which is pushed forward every few months.
“As someone who is just starting off, obviously I am keen to do more work. You do one project and then you quickly want to move to the next,” she responded when asked whether she’s irked by the delay inYalghaar’s release. Though the actor was quick to add that it’s because a lot of work needs to be put into a “blockbuster”.
“You see, when you’re making such a big film, there’s so much work to be put in. And Doc [director Hassan Waqas Rana] has taken up so many actors and characters; to handle everybody and to handle their schedules is a task.”
Aleeze admits that prior to signing Yalghaar, she didn’t know any of the actors in the film and was unaware that they were such big stars. “I didn’t know how big they were, I just wanted to do my best. But everybody was very sweet and hospitable, they welcomed me really well and didn’t treat me like an outsider.”
When asked who her closest friend from the cast is, now that the film has been shot, she said, “Surprisingly, it’s Adnan Siddiqui. Initially, when I met him I didn’t receive any warmth from him. He never used to rehearse our scenes together. There was no homework done on any of the scenes. I thought he had a lot of attitude, but then as I came to know him I realized he is an amazing person and he has since become a close friend.”
The starlet — who is playing Adnan’s wife in the film — said her character is beautiful yet basic and simple. “A wife is a wife but a wife of an army lieutenant has her own challenges. It makes you realise your relationship is so special and valuable because you don’t know how long he is there with you as his life is always at risk, so you have to cherish every moment together.”
Aleeze was also all praise for her director: “Doc is a genius. Everyone says that and now I am saying it too. He is a very evolved human being and not just as a movie maker; I think he is a really accomplished person in totality.”
Besides acting, Aleeze is actively involved with the Dubai Film Commission which frequently collaborates with Bollywood and Hollywood filmmakers. It is therefore not surprising that she has been signed by Denzel Washington for his debut directorial venture and was even offered a lead role in a Bollywood film.
“I want to take up A-grade movies. Before Yalghaar I was approached for a Hindi film, but I chose not to do it because I wasn’t comfortable with certain aspects of the script.” The film went on to be a blockbuster but Aleeze says she has no regrets.
Apart from Yalghaar, she has also been signed for Waar 2 and another Pakistani film in which she will feature as a “female Robin Hood.”


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