Friday 26 February 2016

Bachaana Day One Business Early Estimates :: Excellent

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Bachaana has registered an excellent first day at domestic market with figures looking to go over 1cr approx.. Film started slow in the morning with around 20-30% at major cities whereas small cities opened less than 10% at most places..

Film saw excellent pick over the Day with Islamabad seeing best Pick.. Cinepax Rawalpindi opened to around 30% but ended the day close to 100% with 70% average occupancy.. Islamabad is looking to add around 20lacs approx on first day with huge 5+lacs added by Cinepax..

At Karachi film saw very good day at Nueplex and Cinepax with both seeing few houseful shows but at Atirum things started around 30% and ended in region 70%.. Biggest contributor Lahore remained good with average occupancy of 50% at Vogue towers whereas Cinestar and Sozoworld saw over 80% average occupancy.. Cinepax Fortress also saw over 70% occupancy.. But small screens in both Lahore and Karachi fared low..

Film is heading toward over 1cr first day which will make it biggest Feb-March opener ever in Pakistan beating Jaliabee and might even touch 1.25cr mark when final numbers come tomorrow..

Overall film has opened extremely well with huge growth over the day and reports are phenomenal from all circuits which mean a healthy growth on Sunday is all on cards.. Film should settle with healthy 3.5-4cr approx Weekend which would mean one of the biggest opening Weekends ever for Urdu films..


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