Saturday 17 December 2016

Sahir Lodhi made Raasta to construct his hospital

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Sitting in the audience, waiting for Sahir Lodhi to take the stage is a rather alluring experience because you know you can expect the man to do anything. Knowing of him through his morning show persona, you know he is capable of delivering a paisa wasool performance. And that is what Lodhi did. The actor who himself claims “main toh kuch bhi karsakta hoon (I can do anything),” kept the audience entertained at his movie Raasta’s launch event held on Wednesday.
Starting his career as the morning show host for TVOne, Lodhi set a standard to create a connection and bridge gap between the television screens of the regular viewers. Lodhi’s relatable face and common man attitude pulled audiences towards a lesser known genre of morning shows. In his 11 year long journey in the industry, Lodhi has acknowledged the love-hate relationship he has built over the years. Whether it is his loud personality or the much-talked about status of a ‘bad Shah Rukh mimic’, Lodhi has heard it all and doesn’t shy away from criticism.
Talking about the struggles the team went through to produce a film they hope will resonate with the audiences, Lodhi mentioned that there will just be one disappointment in store for the moviegoers; there is no Shah Rukh Khan. "If you come to watch the movie to find Shah Rukh then I am sorry this movie isn't for you,” said the 48-year-old. “But if you want to watch me, Abeer Rizvi, Aijaz Aslam, Naveed Raza and Mathira, then you won’t be disappointed,” he said, adding that Raasta is all-things Pakistan. Taking a dig at all the SRK comments hurled his way, Lodhi further said that he once asked his dad who was his real son. “Am I your son or Shah Rukh Khan? He said no beta you are,” he mentioned, leaving the audience in giggles.
Lodhi didn’t even hesitate from addressing the questions raised by media on the absence of Shamoon Abbasi, who plays the antagonist, at the launch. There are rumours that Abbasi is upset with some of his scenes being deleted from the film. “I invite you to go through the script. There was only one scene that was deleted that only makes Shamoon’s character better. We all had some scenes deleted from the film because of time constraints. I’m sure if he’s upset, it’s just a minor thing that will be sorted soon. There’s nothing huge,” said Lodhi.
But what was rather surprising to hear was Lodhi’s confession on making the movie. The road he travelled for Raasta, in fact, was never to make the movie at the first place but conquer the dream of constructing a hospital at a remote village in the outskirts of Karachi. Lodhi mentioned that the profits he will earn for the movie will go in the construction of the hospital that will treat the less fortunate with the same facilities available for the urban elites but with no price attached.
Some may call him melodramatic or over-rated but one thing is clear that Lodhi sure knows how to pull audiences and as they say no publicity is bad publicity. February 24th can only unveil what is in store for Lodhi’s acting career and the hospital that he envisions to build on his mother’s name, which is why the actors pressed on the fact "we need your money, not your blessings."


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