Sunday 1 January 2017

Babar Ali makes a comeback in upcoming rom-com Isharay Tumhare

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Bhai Log actor Babar Ali is making a comeback on the big screen with upcoming romantic comedy Isharay Tumhare.

"Isharay Tumhare is a love story [and] family drama with some good melodious songs. [It's} a full family film. You can enjoy this film with all family members," the director Abdul Majid Khan tells Images.
Earlier titled Meri Jaan, the film is being touted by Abdul Majid as a unique addition to the 2017 roster of Pakistani films.
"It's going to be a very different movie from all the previous and present films from Pakistan," he promises. "It's also different from Indian films, it's totally a Pakistani culture based film. You will see the difference in cinema. I hope people will like the film. This is a women-oriented story especially for Pakistani women of all ages."
This is why Babar Ali signed the film in the first place.
"He liked the script, so the lead character was given to him," says Abdul Majid.
The trailer appears to be an amalgamation of almost every love story cliché, but Abdul Majid says the trailer is just an indication of the "structure of the film".
"We've tried to not give away the story in the trailer."
The film also stars Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed and Sangeeta in special appearances. and introduces five new faces, including Hiba Ali who plays the female lead.
The film will also boast a great soundtrack directed by Ahsan Bari. The background score has been composed by Ahsan Ali Taj.
Isharay Tumhare is expected to release early this year.


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