Friday 6 January 2017

Upcoming Movie Whistle's Release Date Revealed!

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Whistle has made an initiative to bring a film based on nationalism like never before. It has a unique story that focuses on cross-border drug trafficking and drug penetration amongst the youth of the country. It revolves around a very sensitive issue and we feel it was about time to be brought to the spotlight.
Set to release on 17th Feb 2017, the film also highlights the media war against Pakistan and helps in creating awareness about this alarming issue..
The press conference was attended by prominent media personnel along with the Chief guest Syed Zeeshan Ali Naqvi (Deputy Mayor Islamabad) who congratulated and wished the team all the best.
The launch of Whistle’s official poster and trailer got a big round of applause.
"Whistle focuses on placing the right and high image of Pakistan," said the director of the film, Ammad Azhar.
He further added, "It’s our prime responsibility to join hands in combating this issue of terrorism and drug trafficking in Pakistan. We are making this film to highlight this respective issue, showing what our true identity is and what we are capable of."
Mian Yasin, the producer of this film said, "It’s a pride to work for the betterment and promotion of Pakistani cinema and also to make a film like Whistle that highlights the spirit of nationalism in true aspect. My message to everyone is be Pakistani, buy Pakistani and be proud of who you are."
Shafaq Ammad, the story writer and art director of the film mentioned that Pakistan is our pride and identity and we should never and at no cost compromise on our national interests.
Whistle shall be distributed by Another Films and Play Pictures on all cinema screens throughout Pakistan.