Saturday 4 March 2017

Shabnam signs Syed Noor's movie 'Aina'

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The legendary Shabnam Jee was introduced in Pakistani movies by actor Waheed Murad where she first appeared in a lead role in his movie titled Samundar back in 1968. After that, till the 80s she remained quite active but returned back to Bangladesh to spend time with her family. But with the actress now back in Pakistan for a bit, we have some great news for all her fans. She has agreed to sign the second part of her mega hit movie Aina which will now be directed by Syed Noor.

Aina was released in 1977 and it had her as well as Nadeem in the lead roles, the movie was a smashing success as it ran for a total of 401 weeks on all cinemas and 48 weeks on main cinemas in Karachi. The popularity was not just limited to Pakistan, in fact, it even ran to packed theatres across China too. The music was composed by Shabnam's husband, Robin Ghosh and is still remembered today.
With our source confirming the news that Shabnam jee has indeed signed Syed Noor's Aina we are extremely excited as the schedule for when it is expected to begin shooting will be given to her soon. With the cast members still being finalised there is a possibility that some parts of it just might be shot abroad.

Shabnam Jee has been nominated several times for the Nigar Awards and has also won it 13 times which is the most for any actress.
The movie icon has appeared in over 180 films and with her about to make a comeback to Pakistani cinema HIP would like to welcome Shabnam Jee back and wish her all the very best!


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