Thursday 20 April 2017

Yalghaar trailer to release on April 24

22:56 By Lollywood Online

 It’s true. It’s really happening. We have it from several sources that the highly anticipated and long overdue film, Yalghaar, will be releasing on Eid ul Fitr and it’s trailer will be out on April 24. So buckle up, people.
Yalghaar is a Hassan Waqas Rana (better known as Doc) film and will have the tracings of his previous war-epic, block buster Waar. A full on action thriller, Yalghaar has been made over several years with a massive budget and a star cast. We’ll get to see superstar Shaan Shahid in lead and Humayun Saeed playing his first negative role. Fans who are loving his youthful look in Punjab Nahin Jaungi will be shocked to see the 180 degree transformation of Saeed in Yalghaar. His first look as terrorist will undoubtedly confuse his fans on whether they love it or hate it. The ensemble cast includes Gauher Rasheed, Sana Buccha, Ayesha Omar, Armeena Khan, Bilal Ashraf and Adnan Siddiqui in pivotal roles. Umair Jaswal was once part of the project but we’re unsure whether his footage has been retained or edited.
Regardless, you can expect a full-on war saga on Eid. It’ll have all the necessary trappings of a cinema magnum opus and from the looks of it, it does look phenomenal despite the fact that it’ll be a blood bath. Expect at least 200 people to die on screen!
“Make that 300,” Doc, the director smiled when I asked him. “People will be emotional when they leave the cinemas after the film. But hopefully it will be for the right reasons.”


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