Saturday 13 May 2017

Ahmed Ali joins IRK Films' 'Parchi'

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The makers horror-thriller, Siyaah and one of Pakistan’s highest grossing films till date, Janaan - Hareem Farooq and Imran Kazmi, the brains behind IRK Productions have gone on floors with their third feature film, a situational comedy titled Parchi.
Being helmed by Azfar Jafri, we already know that co-producer; Hareem Farooq will be taking the lead as an influential and dominating woman alongside Ali Rehman Khan and Usman Mukhtar. However, the newest addition to the stellar cast is none other than the Karachi Se Lahore famed Ahmed Ali.
While we got a hold of Ahmed from the sets of the film in Islamabad, he told us that what completely sold him was the script. Without delving into any minor details of his character in the film, he tells us that we’ll see him play a rather simple character compared to the roles we’ve seen him essay previously.
“I was always someone who enjoyed acting; I never knew I would take it up professionally though. It was only after Siyaah that my journey began,” he tells us of his association with IRK Productions. “Imran and I go a long way; we’ve been friends before he even found his own production house. We don’t talk finances or execution; we discuss content and the creative aspect.”
He continued his praises for producer, Kazmi by saying that he hopes he collaborates with the filmmaker on more feature films in the future.
Siyaah was just 2 days of shoot, but I see a fruitful relationship now that I’ve began shooting Parchi. I know I will benefit from him more then he will from me. In fact amongst the many reasons I signed Parchi was because Imran was the brain behind it,” he added.
In conversation with a leading daily recently, Hareem had revealed that the film revolves around three men who land themselves in trouble and seek help from the character we’ll see her play on-screen. While the title suggests the film might also have a political angle to it, Ali says the film is a feel-good comedy that will allow the viewers to take something or the other home.
While the first spell of the film is being shot in full swing, Parchi has left us intrigued to say the least. Most definitely topping our lists of 2017’s most anticipated local releases; stay tuned to HIP In Pakistan for more exclusive scoops!


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