Saturday 13 May 2017

Bilal Ashraf goes Hulk Bulk for 'Yalghaar'

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I had to cut down to 9% body fat and gain muscle mass for my role: Bilal on his inspiring physical transformassion

We've always known actors have a tough job; after all they're required to become someone else through voice, makeup and character performances. But sometimes even that isn't enough. Some actors have to up their game and undergo extreme physical transformation for a particular role; and that my friends is the toughest of all.
You or I wouldn't actually be agreeable about losing or gaining even a single pound of weight for our jobs. But the actors, they continue to undergo transformations as per the demands of their character. We've heard about Amir Khan and Christian Bale as being two dedicated actors who never hesitate to undergo extreme transformations for their roles but now it seems like, someone on this side of the border is trying to follow in the footsteps of these legends.

Meet Bilal Ashraf; the handsome hunk, who challenged himself for his role as Captain Bilal in Yalghaar and physically metamorphosed into the character. So HIP got in touch with the cool dude to know how his journey has been.
"It was a transformation, especially for the role that required me to cut down my body fat percentage to 9% and gain muscle mass." Bilal told us during the telephonic conversation all the way from London, where he's busy with Yalghaar's post-production.
Cutting down to 9% as the body fat percentage, must have been tough, we asked. "Don't mention tough- this is going to be an understatement. I worked out, with a rigorous routine, twice a day, six days a week for two solid year. Seemed like I didn't have time to do anything else. being in and out of the gym, shoots, training to fire live ammo and drills with actual SSG commandos - that has been pretty much my life since I undertook this challenge for my role," Bilal confessed with a sigh.
So what changes was Bilal required to make in his usual routine that gave him the ultimate look he needed for the role? "I followed a very clean diet along with my strenuous workout routines for two long years. I was eating only boiled food, a very clean diet in fact - no burgers, pizzas, fries, drinks; nothing at all."
Ouch - tough is definitely an understatement. But why undergo such drastic changes for a role? Did the director ask Bilal he had to look like someone in particular or was it the character's demand? "We knew this was what we wanted after going through the script. In fact, Doc and I both wanted Captain Bilal to look a certain way and so we undertook this challenge," Bilal admitted.
We'd say what's good in an actor. if he/she cannot change themselves as required by the character they're supposed to play. There are only a handful of such committed actors in our industry who are ready to undergo such rigorous transformations to put in that element of reality in their performance and Bilal Ashraf deserves accolades for having made such a drastic change in his appearance for the role.
Before we signed off, we did ask Bilal if there was any memory or anything he'd like to share with us about his entire transformation journey; the Janaan star actually burst out laughing and candidly mentioned,"I'd tell you straight that the years have been brutal - like living in a cell (he laughed out loud) but trust me, they've been every bit worth it. I love the outcome and I hope it gets appreciated as well."


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