Saturday 13 May 2017

Project Ghazi's teaser is a visual treat

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Project Ghazi is Pakistan's first take on a live-action super hero film and seems like we're getting a glimpse of the action sooner than expected. Yes, the first look of the film is intriguing, with enough graphics and visuals that actually seem right out of a Hollywood flick.

"Ab tum sachai dekho gai, insaaniyat ki sachai"- this bone-chilling monologue makes it seem like Project Ghazi is going to give us great insight on how the world works, how good and evil prevails and how humanity is in need of help, to save them from themselves.
The first look of Project Ghazi certainly hits home. Expectations have risen, as the teaser manages to capture our attention right away. The certain hints at espionage and spy genre have gotten us excited about just how well our romance genre stars have done justice to superhero characters for the first time.
The thirty second teaser gives insight on the movie without giving much away. Syra Shehroze looks ethereal yet strong in the one shot that she has in the teaser, while Humayun and Shehryar look quite intense.

Kudos to the makers for creating an engaging feature film that has managed to stop us in our tracks with just its teaser. The Pakistani industry is certainly showing progress, especially with this teaser of and its high end visuals, enrapturing drama and effects like never before.


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