Saturday 10 June 2017

Aamir Qureshi wraps shooting for 'Junoon-e-Ishq'

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If you are a drama buff like us, then you must have seen musician-turned-actor Aamir Qureshi in plays like Rang LagaShehzada Saleem and the recent Andaz-e-Sitam, where he plays Kubra Khan's elder brother. Being the son of the legendary Mustafa Qureshi, love for cinema looks to run in his genes, which is why the talented actor will be seen in a movie called Junoon-e-Ishq.
Having made his silver screen debut with Bhai Log in 2010, last year his movie Blind Love was released, which unfortunately did not do so well. With Junoon-e-Ishq we hope the actor has better luck. With us curious to know more about the film, HIP got in touch with the star.
"The movie has been directed by Naseem Haider Shah and the producer is Asghar Ali. The hero of the movie is Adnan Khan, who also stared in Mohabbat Sachiyan and I will be seen playing a negative character."
Talking about the plot, Qureshi revealed,
"It is a love triangle where the boy and girl love each other and my character is obsessed with the female lead. He'll basically do anything to win her over, crossing any limits, proving he is a person who is quite obsessive."
Junoon-e-Ishq is expected to release sometime after Eid, shared Qureshi. The movie will also star the veteran actor Shahid sahab.
Besides this movie, Aamir also told us a bit about his other project,
"I'm doing Project Ghazi as well, there you will see me playing a positive role.

With Aamir having quite an impressive line of work this year, HIP wishes him all the best for his current and future projects.


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